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My entry for #LDJAM41

Drive around in a hovering bumper car and destroy monsters and castles in order to restore peace to the mighty kingdom of somewhere! Bump Quest 6 is a mix between RPG and the Bumper Car Simulation genre... Okay to be fair: it started as a mix between a Racing Game and an RPG but got a bit sidetracked down the line. I hope you find some joy in my silly little game :) 


EDIT: Uploaded an updated "AfterJam V1.1" version for both Windows and Linux. 

- Controls are improved and a lot easier to handle now. 

- Jump is slightly higher and easier to use

- Mountaindungeon is easier to reach now and does not involve any more jumping

- Added a soundeffect for the magical... cube... things...


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BumpQuest6_Windows.zip 18 MB
BumpQuest6_Windows_AfterJamV1.1.zip 16 MB
BumpQuest6_Linux.zip 21 MB
BumpQuest6_Linux_AfterJamV1.1.zip 21 MB


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so cool

Fun concept for a game! I tried both versions to see the difference. I much prefer the jump height and level design of the first version, but the driving is a lot better in the AfterJam version.

Thanks a lot. :) Yea, the After Jam version was more a "hot fix" to get the controls easier for people to enjoy. I might fine tune some things in a future update.