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- Submarine Fists

- The legendary "Fistnix"!(yes this is a thing you can buy!)

- Look fancy(for only SM200...)

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A simple game that does not take itself seriously at all! "Punch A Shark!" was developed in 48 hours during Ludum Dare's Mini LD: "Sharkjam".

The objective is simple: Punch a shark as often as you can and upgrade your fists! Get the highest score and be proud for punching a virtual shark instead of a real one! (Seriously, don't punch a real shark unless you are a shark-punch-professional.)

« Game by Marcus Horn/Siactro »

« Music by Kevin MacLeod »

« Sounds by Mike Koenig/Soundbible »

« Font by NAL »

Chek here: siactro.com/ for more information about me and my games!
Tagsfist, free, ld48, punch, shark, upgrade