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My complete playthrough of this game.
Just in case the dev is interested to see.
Or for those interested to see gameplay.

Fun fact: you don't have to move your mouse at all after its in position


This was a really cool game to play! It's nice to just sit back and chill with a rail shooter every so often! :)


Wow I was so into this, I already beat the game, Nice.


add the bad ending


Amazing Game!!


Ironically, the Doom-like nature of it reminds me of the Wii crap Spy Games: Elevator Mission. Though this is way better.


cute game! fun play


I was probably too quick for the in-game characters. Also, this game has a nice 007 vibe to it.



Gotta love how the game is non-lethal, those animations, pretty gewd.


Thank you :) I made the enemies simply give up because for one, this way they don't fall through the walls and secondly during the time I made this, there was a shooting accident in the city where my (at that time) girlfirend's brother lived and I just didn't feel like having the player kill the enemies.


That was... really nice from your part actually.

what song was used for this demo? thanks


heh, that was cool

Lol, I strangely enjoyed that little spy mission... Nice little nod to the 90s ;)