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Great game looks amazing i like the characters they are so funny




cool! I have Toree 1 and 2 on my switch so this is exciting!


same, incredible games

i agree

I also have toree 3d and torree 2 on switch also get kiwi 64 on switch

ayyyyy so do i


Can we have Mac and Linux versions?


Love toree, also when's Kiwi 64 coming to switch, some of my XBox controllers(specifically RT) are broken and I'd like to play this game on the go(My laptop dies in a minute)

love the toree 3d series

I played these games on my switch and they are extremely amazing <3 It would mean a lot if you could maybe consider a Windows ARM64 port for these? I own an ARM PC and sadly these games run at 2 fps :(

Great work!

I played Toree 3d Jumbled Jam. This more of a game for speedrunning, but also casual. The Music and the Graphics are nice, as well as the Level Design. The was one place where i think i skipped a lot of the Level, there should have been an invisible platform that could kill Toree, for not skipping the Level, but Overall a game that is worth playing. 


very fun. super cute. BUT there's no attack, pause screen, quick saves or saving feature of any kind and it makes it very difficult to play

can you attack in the other games?

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Hey Siactro, your games are awesome and have inspired me to make my own games in the style of the n64. I do have to ask though, how do you achieve the graphics? (I've seen a ton of ps1 videos but I'm not sure how to get it looking like the n64)  I'm not sure if you will even reply to this but if you do thanks and good luck with your gamedev journey!


Check out Blockbench, which is a FLOSS app where you can create low-poly models easily!


Oh wow thanks! Have a great day!

can you please make this free on steam?

This remix is already free.


I saw that it was free. I was asking if this could be added to steam. I quite like having the community hub and just having it in my steam library. I think its more convenient. Its just often not worth the effort of going through all my files to use the "add a non-steam game to steam" feature, and then re-do that process if I move the file/folder folder anywhere or decide to rename the file/folder.

I was so happy to see more content for Toree! The original game left a great impression when I played it on stream several months back, so I jumped on this the second that I saw it. A bit embarrassed that I kept referring to this as a fan made remix in the video, when it was actually made by one of the main level designers! Can't wait to play Toree 2 now as well, thank you for the bonus content! :)

Loved this weird creepy game. The second level was creepy but it ‘‘twas super fun!

Hii, I've been playing the game and wanted to share the video I've made with some feedback about it, hopefully you'll find it useful ^^

-I've been playing both previous games and I've been loving all of them, this one is quite good in general too ^^

-The gameplay mechanics are quite well designed, and I've been feeling that you are making some progress when it comes to the movement of the character, but I think there's room to improve it as sometimes you can keep an excesive amount of momentum if you try to change the direction you are moving on.

-The visual style of the game is on point :D quite enjoyable.

-I love the songs added to the game, they are quite good and fit every moment of the game nicely.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



I had just finished Toree 2 a couple weeks ago, so I couldn't have discovered this at a better time. I love these little Toree titles, including McBat! I played that many years ago, and was super happy to discover you're the creator of that as well!!

Haven't played the game yet, but I decided to give it a try, because I bought the first two on steam! Cool series! N64 forever! ^_^

This SMELLS like the 90s in every way. I like it. 


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In A Few Words : This Game Is A Masterpiece!!

This was a great throwback to the early 3D era platformers. Keep up the good work! 

I love Toree 3D. Really a funny and well done game. Remember the old days on my PS1 or N64. 

Wow this was so wonderful!

I cannot get over how good this is, and it's a "free dlc" (I mean it's separate, but still, feels like a free dlc), and it's free! (can't get over that)

It's such a nice challenge level grouping and is overall great, and the snowball was able to catch me once more, which was wonderful, and the toree 2 posters at the end cracked me up.

Yall are so good at making games and levels for those games, I will be a toree fan through and through.

I am a 3d modeler and I would like to talk to you, could you give me an email or preferably some other way to communicate with you?

Amazing and so much fun game 

As usual this was fun to play

I just finished toree 3d and toree 2 yesterday, and this releases today, THANK YOU lol

How on earth do I beat the first level, evry time i try I can't make rhe jump to the other side

The first level is the hardest, but when you fall down to the fans, go towards one of the sides, then fall to the bottom of the fans, that will yeet you high enough to allow you to jump to one of the platforms


i've been reading a ton of wild "TOREE 3D" theories online. some claim that the "duck" enemies are failed clones of the beloved and titular "TOREE". care to comment?

Oooo I'll give this a try


i dare you to make a super toree maker, i dare you

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also, great tough levels, loved them. i didn't know something was missing, now i do and it's already available! FOR FREE. 

amazing game, amazing box art

fantastic game, loved it to bits. hope one day they make a toree 2


They did my friend! It's already out!