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I love how siactro leaves easter eggs of his old games, and how some of his games are conected, like kiwi 64 and macbat 64. I simply love this creator and his wonderfull games <3

My review 

Really nice!

oh yeah, i was gonna buy this on switch, seems pretty cool! i really like the SNES game style ngl

ended up beating this game on nintendo switch, its awesome! honestly wish there were more levels, but for what it is its pretty damn good. the "silent visitors" level ended up surprising me even though most of your games  have some spooky element, and the whole kiwi 64 thing was pretty cool. awesome game, excited for when you make your next game!

Is there a proper way to close out of this game? I had to do the alt + enter method.

You never disappoint, this gave me some abe odyssey nostalgia with those pre-rendered graphics, I look forward to the next game which hopefully has some reference to beeny!

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You hit the nail on the head when it comes to the DKC aesthetic, I just wish there was more! More levels, more enemies, more moves! I had a great time and I NEED more!

Beeny was definitely worth the one dollar, but it has left me with a craving for more DKC-like games that I cannot control, so buyer beware. 

Amazing as always!


great stuff. bought immediately. stay gold


Really nailed this DKC / early PS1 vibe. Wow.


You are on a roll!