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Kiwi 64 is a small hommage to that one 3D collect-a-thon platformer by that one UK gamedeveloper.

It features one world and challenges you to collect five magical lamps in order to get the evil melon down from

the mountain in the middle.

The music is part of Jay Moser's amazing album "Bear and Bird".

Want to get the full album? Get it here: http://jdmoser.bandcamp.com/releases

Feel free to support this game with a small donation if you enjoyed it. :) Thank you very much!

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Tags3D, collectathon, rare, ware


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The download button on the confirmation page does not work.


I donated $2 and couldn't download the game :(

It's free but you have an option to donate developer. To download the game, you just press (" No thanks, just take me to the downloads ")


Either way, when I go to the download page and click the "Download" button, nothing happens.  I emailed support@itch.io about it, so hopefully they'll eventually fix it...

It's a bonus game inside of MacBat 64.  That game is only 1.99.  It's hidden in that jungle level in the cave part.


Same it's not downloading : (


Same. I had to download it here instead: https://gamejolt.com/games/kiwi-64/33914

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It's not downloading. 

Changed my life.

Love this game.

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I love the style of it! I will definitely buy the second one.

Here born a great series of oldschool platformers about bird

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amazing game highly recommend


wwqqqwdqwdqwdqwdqwdqwqwdqwqwdqdqq oh myyy goooodopdooddodododod

Been wanting to check this game out for awhile since I loved Toree 3D and Macbat so much and saw that this was from the same Dev. Loved how you pulled off the Banjo look so well and the goofy humor made it pretty entertaining, it was a fun play :)

pls add mac support

Good design, funny to play, Banjo vibes...so cool!

So Good!!! The Banjo vibes are perfect!!

Hello, I would like to gift this game to a friend on Steam, is there any way to purchase a key directly from the developer?


Is there a way to get to the weird green man behind the wall with the eggplant? I can't seem to get there but it looks like something we should be able to get to

i made a quick video on this game with my mate it was alot of fun!

Is it possible to get the spinning eggplant or is that just there for the sake of it? 

Wondering the same thing lol

It is, at least with a glitch. go to the back of the box and spam attack and jump, you can get in but it wont do anything, the eggplant just counts as a clef



Very charming and nostalgic game! :) This game is at 11:14 of the video.

this is axyeno game


I made fan art. 


Oh this is absolutely adorable! <3 Thank you very, very much! <3

Short but sweet!

When's trhis coming to switch?

Already has. In Macbat 64 you can find it in the jungle level!

A classic that I keep coming back to every once in a while, love it!

Very nice and short game, i wish there was more enemies, the music was nice and the idea with other characters was also good. I made a video, if you guys wanna check out feel free.

Not only is the whole game a reference to the Banjo and Kazooie games but there is also a reference to Conker's Bad Fur Day.  Next to the Eel you can find a tail on a hook.

In Conker's Bad Fur Day, the tails are how you get an extra life.

Awesome Fun Game 

I did a full run of this game

It was a fun venture.

I was also moved by that message in the credits 

Oh I gotta play this, After Mac Bat and Toree 1 and 2 and the Gamejam, I have to get in on this.


this game is unbearably laggy


Have you tried playing it on your PC instead of a potato?


it is good but the only problem is no xbox or any kind of controller that i have tried (sorry for grammar that is not real)

What are the keyboard & mouse defaults?


This was a nice throwback to the n64 days. I am currently planning on playing every title that you've developed.

Enjoyed the game a hell of a lot and it fit so nicely into my ridiculous games series. Your game is first and I would love if you gave it a watch. Impressive game honestly if a bit short but I didn't find all the secrets. Hope you enjoy the video 

Hey, in juice galaxy where you said you were tripping that was heck, actually. I know this because I play juice galaxy all the time. :/

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