New Bonus Level

It's been almost three years since the game's release. After the amazing response to the halloween sale, I really wanted to have a special thank you to you all. So exactly one day before Halloween, I came up with the idea of making a small new bonus level for the game. Since christmas was around the corner (and I like snow themed levels), it became a christmas themed level with old and new elements. It's still as simple and easy to get into as the rest of the game, but it's definitely more focused on collecting. I hope you enjoy it and wish you very happy holidays! :) <3 

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Dec 21, 2019

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Hi! Is there a way to claim this game to add it to my library for future download?

You have done a great job at making it look like an N64 game, what engine did you use?

Thanks. :) For this I used Unity 4. 

Wow, that's great. You did a good job:)

i cant access the bonus book even though i have completed the main story. was there something i missed? 

Hmmm... Have you turned the game off during the credits perhaps?

ill go do that... i assume the credits after the melon boss

Yes the credits after the boss. Try watching them till the end. I have no idea if that has anything to do with the problem but it's the only thing that springs to mind right now.

yeah that fixed the issue i kind of went a different way and showed the boss mercy and didn't get the credits but i realized i had to use the cannon and not jump into the ceaseless void

Another video!!!

How have I not heard of this before? It's amazing! It's cute, the art is great, takes about 90 minutes to complete with every second being carefree fun. Honestly my favorite part as a horror fan are the very weird and unsettling bits strewn about, not in a normal creepypasta indie game way, but as an homage to the general weirdness of games like Mario 64.

Also the Silent Hill references are perfect.