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Super Kiwi 64 is an open 3d platformer that emphasizes exploration and freedom. Explore eight compact and distinct worlds using the versatile yet intuitive moveset of Kiwi. Find hidden secrets and discover subtle hints about the history of the floating island you are exploring. A visual style that is reminiscent of the classics of the 64 bit generation yet is not beholden to the more inconvenient limitations of the time invoke a nostalgic feeling reminiscent of the greats of the past.


- Low poly late 90s retro looks.

- Kiwi can jump, glide, corkscrew-attack and stick to walls in order to jump up almost every wall.

- The levels can be played in any order, and not every level needs to be finished in order to      collect enough to reach the ending.

- Most puzzles don’t have a strict way to solve them. Players can get creative.

- Features a bird with a long beak!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Exploration, Low-poly, n64


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Just finished the update levels!  Holy cow!  The levels are HUGE!  The final boss fight was so cool too!!!  Dude!!!

what's the difference from base game?

You  have a file select with 3 saves as well as a new story to play that involves both Kiwi and MacBat.  I'm not gonna spoil it, but it's really epic!  It's like 3 extra worlds to explore and there's a new final boss fight.  :D  Good stuff!  No DLC to download or anything, just download the 2.0 version of the game.  It has all the content in it.

Awesome! Thanks for replying! ;D

Got this on Steam recently. Absolutely fantastic game. Parallel universes are real; this game is proof. It feels more '90s than half the games actually from the '90s. Thank you for this gem. 

Hooray, an update!


Will there be an update on this version too or is it only for Switch and Steam versions?

Loved it!

Really solid platformer for how short it is.  Love all the extra content.  Siactro never disappoints with his games having plenty of Easter Eggs!  Short but sweet, well worth the price and then some!  Great level design, great music, love the whole N64 aesthetics!  Controls work great on both Switch and this version!


Hi, I'd like to volunteer to translate your game from English into Brazilian Portuguese.


epic game would recommend

This NEEDS an uptade, it was a great expiriance but I wish that there was more levels and better puzzles. 8/10 definetly worth the money!

It's getting a update on January 26th.  :)  Lots of new stuff added!

I wish Itch let you pay using Cashapp.


im not paying but amazing tho

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Then why comment and saying not paying not all his work is going to free.

but i cant afford it 

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It's 3.00 dollars most video games would charge for 70 dollars "Including the remake/remasters" plus paid DLC you would spend up to hundreds of dollars on modern games, PS2 games are cheaper than that depending how rare and mint it is.  

i dont have a bank acc

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How old are you,

Is there a chance for a Linux build please?

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bought this on switch and it was wonderful! honestly brilliant art direction, gameplay mechanics were fluid and the content for the price is awesome!

got myself Macbat 64 afterwards too, equally as wonderful to play through :)


My playthrough of SuperKiwi64 https://youtu.be/bLmOKrgju98 come join my discord https://discord.gg/7SDhdp67


Some basic queries.. How to save the game? How to exit the game without just ending it via task manager? Also, How to change controller configuration? I have a USB N64 controller where the buttons currently assigned are unusual. Thanks 

You can quit the game by just pressing Alt+F4. And game autosaves, though note that gears aren't counted - but the pink gems do.

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not really sure how i feel about this game (i played + beat it on nintendo switch with the easter egg character and all) and i can say it absolutely terrified me at most times but also feels... a little underwhelming, compared to your past games like Toree and Toree 2. still great, and its awesome how often you make cool games, keep it up!


that's awesome!!! i love it!!

Got the Switch version. Great work as usual. I really appreciate the bite-sized platformer approach of this and the Toree games.

Yeah i liked how the camera worked.  So much better than Kiwi 64!

No way! I remember playing the demo years ago, I had completely forgotten about this game until I just saw it on the itch.io main page! instant purchase!


This was worth the 3$ keep up the good work!


Bought this on Steam and 100% it on my Steam Deck :)


Got it on Steam. Got all 50 power cells. Loved it! Looking forward to whatever comes next.

50?, I only found 49

yeah same

you probably haven't checked all the secret codes out ;)
i won't spoil it for you

I had to snapshot all the codes on my Switch to do it.  


Amazing game! I'm always impressed with your work, charming and fun as usual :)


Awesome job as always!


Very excited to give this a go!


Hiii, I've made a 100% walkthrough without being hit and I wanted to share it with you along with some feedback about the game ^^ Hopefully it helps :D

-The concept of the game is pretty good and the execution overall is quite awesome. I can really see your experience making this kind of 3D platforming games ^^

-The gameplay mechanics are reaaaally good and combined with the open level design style you've used the posibilities to get through the game are infinite. In toree games I always thought that the controls could be improved, but this time I have no complaints about it, this time you really nailed every playable aspect of the game ^^.

-The visuals are quite good, but I'll say that the level with hanging blades could have looked a little bit better with some extra platforms/props around it since the main tower looked amazing.

-I really loved the little easter eggs that can be used later in the post credits level :D

I really loved this game ^^, but I have a question: Have you considered creating a bigger game with this style and gameplay mechanics/concepts ?



So, love the game, but I am having a hard time finding the last purple thing in world 8, anyone know where it is?

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race through the flags in the water


Siactro never disappoint, the level design,music and mechanics are always on point. few goodies left in each world too!