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Toree 2 is the sequel to Toree 3D.

A bite-sized 3D Platformer sequel with more focus on the things people enjoyed in the first game like fast gameplay, flow focused levels and cute costumes (two this time).

- Features -

  • More late 90s low poly aesthetic
  • Fast gameplay, flow focused levels
  • Weird elements make a comeback.
  • 9 levels with unique elements
  • Some secret characters to unlock
  • The epic conclusion of the ice cream arc.
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(69 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), sega-saturn


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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amazing game, super cute!

Really fun nostalgia platformer. Amazing soundtrack! The bonus level with the xmas lights was super fun. 


why isnt the free content update available on the steam version...

I going to play all your games

Had alot of fun with the second game :) 

The Boss in the cold world has no checkpoints it seems, and whenever we get hit it's a one hit kill. Could checkpoints be added, or an easier mode?

Weird that the unlockable fast character wasn't used to replay all the levels to get an S score.

Played this awhile back, thank you for this!

Full Play No Commentary


Can we have Mac and Linux versions?

I too hope we can get linux and mac versions, it is probably made in unity so it is feasible.

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i can't play games that make you hold down the shift key, they hurt my hand :(

would you be able to patch in a toggle sprint option?

This game is amazing! Torre 2 is one of the best things you can get for a buck.

I have no idea where else to say this but on the switch version, one of the levels has the wrong star count so I can't progress with some of the game content. Other people don't seem to have this problem and I find that super weird!


Basically this is what a fun Sonic game would feel like.🐥

I played Toree 3d Jumbled Jam. This more of a game for speedrunning, but also casual. The Music and the Graphics are nice, as well as the Level Design. The was one place where i think i skipped a lot of the Level, there should have been an invisible platform that could kill Toree, for not skipping the Level, but Overall a game that is worth playing. 


legitimately one of my favorite platformers i've ever played. if you appreciate good movement in your platformers, then you absolutely cannot miss toree 2

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Just finished 100% run of Toree 2 on my Switch, now onto the Bonus content.

I loved the speedrunning aspect, all the levels are really well design and figuring out ways how to cut my time down was fun.  I only played the first level of bonus update and I loved it. It feels like perfect evolution and the low poly charm is up to the roof.

My only complain would be about the bonus CD collecting. I was really looking forwards to exploring all the levels with Macbat but he is just sooo slow, and going though the spread out levels was just a bore. So I ended up googling the locations of some harder to find CDs.  He would be more fun if he was 2-3 times quicker and maybe if jump was turbo-buton for him(ala Joust or Baloon Fight). 

Toree may be just a bird with no special abilities, but he knows how to rock it. Perfect vibes, perfect lowpoly graphics, kickass music. This is a steal for 1$.

Amazing, just amazing. 


this game is so simple but wonderful and effective and really fun


Honestly, is it true that you ditched the horror idea of the prototype on Haunted PS1 Demo Discs?


No. Both games have light horror elements still, and there is also an underlining theme of it :) My interpretation of horror might be a bit lighter than most games, but I did not ditch the horror idea at all. 

Truly an amazing game! 

If you're stuck, here's a video on how to unlock all characters and find all discs ;)

Great game just like part 1, with some new elements! Loved the ending too!

Love the game, I have the 1st one on Steam and got this one on Switch and did a full run

Amazing game, I love the Palmtree paradise and the 2nd version with the song playing.

The little hat and space helmet was too cute.

Keep up the good work.

You really never disappoint with Toree, such a fun game and I loved the different maps you added


Wow, a game developer that actually listens to feedback and criticism! This game is a big improvement from the last one (not saying the first wasn't good) and I personally really enjoyed it. All of the new mechanics benefited to the game instead of being a detriment and the 3d art is just beautiful. Good job!


this is the best platformer of the year. lunar lasers is soooo good. can't stop playing it.