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"Happy 31st Birthday, Hedgehog!"

A small(!) three level toree thing to celebrate the 31st birthday of that hedgehog. 

No big secret, that a lot of inspiration for my bird games comes from that hedgehog series, so this is a small way of celebrating. <3

BIG thanks to R3 for providing an absolute amazing soundtrack! <3 Feel free to check it out here: 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/r3_act2/sets/toree-genesis-ost

Bandcamp: https://r3tronaut.bandcamp.com/album/toree-genesis-ost

Twitter: https://twitter.com/R3tron

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/r3_act2

Bandcamp: https://r3tronaut.bandcamp.com/

It's also included in this download btw!

! Needless to say: NOT affiliated with SEGA and should only be seen as a free(!) little tribute thingy.  !

Also one final note: This was a "Monday at 9PM idea" so development was around 2.5 Days. So please excuse some potential bugs, I will make sure to update the game in case any might appear. 

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Tags3D, Fast-Paced, Low-poly, Mega Drive, Pixel Art, Retro, Sega Genesis, Singleplayer


Toree Genesis OST.zip 77 MB
ToreeGenesis_Win_003.zip 56 MB

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Can You Make toree adventure 2 With Sonic adventure 2 stages please


why the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis tags? i realize you are trying to get exposure, but it just leaves people looking for playable ROMs dissapointed. :(


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My complete playthrough of this game.
Just in case the dev is interested to see.
Or for those interested to see gameplay.


my reaction to this information 


stfu amiano711u


Hello! I love the Toree franchise, but will be switching to a mac for my main PC soon. Is there any plans to create macOS builds for previous and or future releases? Thanks in advance if you reply

i would recommend using a software like crossover, if you don't want to pay the price do what linus tech tips did with colors to crossover

To be honest I have a friend who's a mac gamer and he struggles to play about 90-95% of most PC games without an emulator, I'd honestly stick to PC.

but will be switching to a mac for my main PC soon.

why would you do this to yourself?

the camera keeps rotating when I plug in a controller and it will not stop i've tried I'll put here what the issue is


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The controller readings are on the screen. both sticks are perfectly centered according to ds4. it's not drift. thank you.

That red square with the dot is the gyro

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OST is jammin'

when are we gonna get a nintendo switch version? i'm so excited cuz I love toree 3d and toree 2

toree genesis is getting a full game version with more levels that will come to pc and switch, or so marcus has said. he also said it may take a while as he's having a break atm

wait, a full game?! Now I’m even more excited. Thanks for the info

this was really cool in concept, but turning the camera with the right analogue stick (xbox one wireless) was way too slow }O:

how high did you set the camera sensitivity


So fun, and the music is amazing!

I love all your games :) Toree Genesis actually got me to cross Sonic Mania off the top of the backlog, I crushed it in 2 nights lol thanks for the inspiration!

Full Play No Commentary, I lost the race by a second and raged ;)


Did a video of my first playthrough. Always gotta play new Toree content whenever I see bonus levels on here. I still haven't played Toree 2 somehow, but this reminded me how fun this series is and how badly I still need to play the second one! Thanks for the bonus levels! :D

Toree 2 has Christmas bonus levels too

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"Share the code"

there's a reason POSS software doesn't exist


please make toree 3 


this game series changed my life, love it


i love this


thank you


Will the switch version get these levels too?

Made a video

Excellent tribute. Toree is one of my favorite franchises. 


I love this so much, i like the little guy too that you have to race. I hope he comes back for your other projects :)

I can't use my Nintendo Switch Pro controller like in the previous series😫

Super fun retro style game. Great job! 

cool retro

is this availible on switch?

Any chance of a web/mac version?


hey, i tried to play the game but the camera just keeps rotating counter clockwise on its own. reinstalling didnt fix it and it happens on mouse and keyboard and with controller.
if i am doing something wrong on my end please lmk i would love to play the game <3

I'm having the same issue unfortunately, with the PS4 Controller through DS4Windows.  Better than the Switch controller though, which seemingly inputs every button simultaneously so Toree just immediately jumps off a cliff as the level starts.

I definitely appreciate it existing though!  It's a really nice tribute!  I'm also just hoping I'll be able to play it at some point. 😅

Try playing around with different camera re-mappings. Unity's input manager often mistakenly maps camera to shoulder triggers instead of right analog stick for PS4 controllers.

As for the Switch controller problem, I use Betterjoy and follow these instructions: https://github.com/Davidobot/BetterJoy/wiki/HIDGuardian-and-Steam-(Big-Picture)


Excellent little tribute. As soon as I saw this I had to jump in and play it. And it was great fun! Gave me a good half-hour of fun, which is a perfect popcorn style game! 



How does one get the very first crystal? Tried for half an hour doing all kinds of double jumps and maximizing speed but I couldn't get high enough.

Here's how I did it (sorry for bad video quality):

you kind of have to jump until almost at the very edge of the ground, then maximize your first jump by holding the spacebar until you start to fall down/hit the pentagon boost thingy, and then maximize your second jump as normal.

Took more than enough tries to get it right but at least it worked out in the end.



Love it and the music and I love finding easter eggs

This is going to be a fun day.


wake up babe new toree game just dropped


And it's an obvious tribute to Sonic! It looks great too!

Every time there's a new Toree I'm locked on.  Love this little bird.


Looks awesome, but hey, it's Toree after all! Thanks a lot!