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Toree Jolly Jam is a short little, speed based, one level 3D Platformer, in a wintery holiday coating, that rewards the player with certain goodies.

Finishing the level will grant the player several bonus "presents" to choose from, containing different surprises. These could be anything from new characters (or multiple characters at once!) to completely different minigames. There is even an old fashioned retro styled "sound test" hidden in there somewhere (as pointless as it might be nowadays).

Don't expect a full blown game, but rather a quick and short little treat to cosy up during the holidays or winter in general.

I recommend a gamepad for this one, but it is perfectly playable with mouse and keyboard!

Happy holidays to you all! <3

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Tags3D Platformer, holiday, Short, winter


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Much more content that i expected for free ill prolly come back to play thes even after i unlocked all the presents the mechanics are really fun

This game is so cute, I love the style and I love that you can unlock little minigames and characters by completing the course!


I enjoyed the game, even though my highest score was only a C

Dude this series might legitimately be one of the best indie anything ever. Not to yap too much but I just think that  the creator(s) were able to perfectly encapsulate the obscure early 3D look and feel. The references to Christmas NiGHTs into dreams are awesome as well, the cover art, the mechanics, and even the textures remind me of that Saturn title heavily. Truly great stuff.

TL:DR, Game good, much like :))

P.S. Toree is peak character design, makeship collab when???


I love the Chicken

good game!


Hi, I'd like to volunteer to translate your game from English into Brazilian Portuguese.



Toree on the cover for this game is ADORABLE!!!

is this gonna be available on mac? I really want it on my macbook pro!

Amazing as usual with the games from this brand! Super short yet sweet and hopefully very indicative of the new Toree game that is soon to come out! I fell in love with you guys' work every since the first Toree, with Beeny being my favorite (sequel or successor sometime maybe?? 🤞🏾🥲) The music in this one was amazing and the gameplay felt the best out of any of the previous games. It could've just been my controller (wired power A nintendo switch controller) but I couldn't get the controller to properly work. Only left and right were noticed by the game, but nothing else. I may just need to tweak some settings in my computer though, this problem doesn't arise with steam games so their controller support could be the answer. All in all, great work as usual, and I can't wait for Toree Genesis!!


Muito fofo e divertido, adorei <3

Short, but packed full of things to unlock. I enjoyed it a ton!


Can you port it to Mac?


Can you make a Linux build?

Really wholesome and enjoyable platformer.  

Made a video


will you post it on steam ?? would be cool :)

Deleted post

hey something going on with your game

M A S T E R P I E C E 


Have you considered compiling all Toree releases into some kind of single package? Like 1, 2, and the other level packs? Into some kind of "Toree Gold" release or something.


There’s also going to be another game, called Toree Saturn, releasing next year. Maybe that would be a good opportunity to create a bundled game


Your game came across my front page here on Itch.io, and being a huge fan of the genre, I had to try it. Posted a short gameplay video to YouTube and to my blog. 

Wonderfully done game. I hope more people are able to find it and enjoy it. 






Your releases are always a lightning bolt reminder of why I love videogames. Here’s to ten more years.

  • Matt



Really fun game. 

thank you  for this fabulous piece