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Great game, but holy shit Neo Osaka is the last level you want for speedrunning. The vehicles always move at their own pace, breaking the flow and opportunity to speedrun.

Do you think you could make the S rank for Neo Osaka easier? A lot of people including myself have put 100s of attempts but haven't been able to get it.

Also: if you go into level select (or back to the title screen), then go back to character select, the character you chose will be up front but the name on the side will say Toree, regardless of what character it is. Again, on Switch, not sure about PC. Thanks!

Loved this on Switch! Want to get it for my girlfriend, but she has a Mac. Any chance of a Mac port? Thanks!


hey ! just noticed this is also in the steam store, does buying the game here include a steam key w/ the purchase ?

the game looks interesting so i wanted to ask before choosing which platform to buy it on (❁´◡`❁)!


it seems the packing for the latest update isn't playing nice with the itch desktop app, it doesn't give me any options for a version to install

ya same here 


Sorry! I forgot to click on the checkmark again. This happens way too often. It should be fixed now :) 

I played this game on stream and absolutely loved it! It's definitely your best game yet! I played Kiwi 64 and Macbat 64 and this is a huge leap in quality. for $1 I can't recommend it enough. The running feels great, the game is the perfect length (though I would definitely play more worlds and levels!) and the colors are amazing! Looking forward to the next game!

I’ve never really got into platformers, but this is really a pleasant, short, sweet experience. Smooth movements, varied aesthetics & challenges, good music, just pure fun hopping around collecting stars. A joy to play. Though, I feel like the scary big stars at the first levels don’t really fit with the rest of the game, but if it wasn’t for that then I wouldn’t have been here (came from the PSX demo disc!)

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Bf got me this as a gift and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. Love the look, it brings me back to those old ps1 days!  The colors are the aesthetic; the kinda colors I go nuts for. I can't stress how much I like this game, and the other games siactro made; like Tastey Ramen <3

I did have a problem, I sorta fixed it. The colors were inverted. Tried right clicking the exe, and disable fullscreen optimizations; didn't work. I did fix it though, I had to change my screen res down a notch. I just have to pretend its like watching widescreen movies with the black bars. I would love an alternative to this workaround; its has something to do with fullscreen and unity I think. Another fix was to force it in windowed mode; used an old program called DxWnd. I hope its okay sharing this, I just wanted to so if another person had the same issue they can fix it.

This game is so great! Can't wait for Toree 4D!

Unlit games don't normally look very good, but you completely knocked it out of the park! Congrats!

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For some reason my camera is stuck spinning to the left whenever my controller is connected via USB, but not when using bluetooth. Anyone have a solution for this? I'm using a PS4 controller

The camera does if a PS4 controller is plugged in. I had to unplug my PS4 controller and I've been using an xbox controller or mouse and keyboard.


Congrats on getting this onto switch! I've followed your stuff for a while now and was ecstatic to see that you made this!

What game engine was Toree programmed in?


Judging from the file structure, I’m confident it’s Unity.


I just can't stop thinking about how perfect the movement and feeling of this game was. It would be crazy awesome to have a bunch of new levels to play! Anyway, whatever are your plans, I'd say continue with the 3D platformers, as there are so few of them (especially indie ones) that are as well-executed as Toree.

Man, the look of this game is sooo cool and nostalgic. The sounds are spot on. The movement is soooo smoooth and juicy. Awesome! The only think that I didn't like were the jumpscare parts (I'm really allergic to them :D) but apart from that the game is perfect. It's short, but I really like that, perfect amount of time to enjoy this game. Awesome and keep it up <3

As soon as I finished filming I went over to Steam and picked this bad boy up. Excellent game! I played the demo on my channel, it's first in the video.

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I can't find a better place. The character select for the Switch port is broke. Regardless of which character I choose, it always uses Toree in the stage. 

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Are there S-Ranks in this game? Playing on the Switch, and I thought I had done everything when someone on YouTube mentioned that it was impossible to get an S Rank on Windy Harbor glitchless, and someone said it was totally impossible on Switch.




can you make an demo plzz


There's a demo on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk.

its 4 gb it will take like 8 hours for me

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EDIT: Here is Livestreaming replay of me playing Toree 3D from start to finish (except time rank)

pardon for terrible framerate because my laptop spec is not maximum. but imagine it as back then like YouTube 2007 thingy idk, you found an abandoned video game from your favourite game store and you're excited about it. wanted to share your recording to your close friend..

This, is a real Platformer, and that's one of the example how to properly platformer genre.

all action button? do you think we are stupid? NO! in here we do separate action button!

  • A (Microsoft) / B (Nintendo) to Jump, and in menu to confirm! that's the only button you need to confirm..
  • X (Microsoft) / Y (Nintendo) + Left analog stick to run!
  • B (Microsoft) / A (Nintendo) in menu to go back. YES GO BACK with B.

is that hard? that's easy! oh yeah btw, uh the directional pad is unused. you use left analog stick to move menu selection & move character.

Useless costume? No! Why is that? in here, collect star and speedrun is enough!

Boss Battle? why has to be staying like that in place avoiding projectiles and then hit boss at right time? that's too mainstream! why not try the same regular platforming only harder? that's creative! and this is what you do here on final level! I know it's seems yeah you know. but atleast it's there rather than other games that had mediocre idk..

Bonus? Oh wow, we got bats! we can see everything. Argh! No time rank with bat? how did you know if we would do that cheat? 🤣

Price? no contest. you must buy it. this is relic! don't waste on that platformer that contains redundant costumes and other torments, buy this instead! You'll never regret this, I guarantee!

and hey, it does run on Nintendo Switch!

hmm what else? oh yeah, sorry, SE if you felt offended with this. idk, but we just..


this game rules


I loved the game. I'm a big fan of 3d platformers and this is a fun one. Loved the visual style, characters, music, etc. I'm glad that a patch if coming for the camera since the inverted camera was confusing for me. 

I think the horror elements are very unnecessary though. They could be interesting, but I feel like not much was done with it to warrant it being in the game. I definitely wouldn't call this a horror game. 


Th-thats the hole point

I absolutely love the game! But is anyone else getting a glitch on their ps4 controller where you can't control the camera with the right analog stick AND the camera keeps rotating around the main character? I had to switch over to the keyboard controls because I couldn't handle having the camera rotating. 

Great work though! It's an amazing game with a lot of character!

Heyo there, where can I report bugs/glitches?

Nothing major, just that some elements like the huge stars keep moving while the game is paused, which I think is unintended.

I LOVE the game, another issue I was having was the camera controls, they feel so weird to me right now, but I see you are already working on that, which is amazing.

Keep on the good work and good luck! 


How do you unlock the third character?

Which one?

The Ramen I think, I already have Macbat


A rank on all the levels. Just go as fast as you can!

demo gameplay


how do i get any rank besides C


You have to run for the flag, avoiding any obstacles, including collecting coins



please fix the fact that you cant uninvert the camera on switch its really hard to play with the inverted camera


For the love of God please release the soundtrack it's so amazing and the mood it gives for each track especially the night freeway is perfect I loved this game and enjoyed playing it after seeing it on the haunted ps1 demo disc but I hope you guys can release the ost cause its genuinely impressive and good


Heya, unfortunately I can't, the music is only licencesed so I can't release it outside of the game itself, sorry :(

Are fans still allowed to rip and convert the tracks to be enjoyed easily if they were able to 

Wish I could like the game, but the weirdly restrictive controls (like how running diagonally makes you slower on gamepad) and camera controls are really bad. I just couldn't enjoy myself, it was frustrating to no end.

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I loved this game on the switch! I highly recommend this game, tho its very short. The music btw is FANTASTIC! Hopefully an ost comes out soon!

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I got this on switch because it looked cool, and gotta say, it really is!

Its a simple 3D platformer, no BS about it!


I really like the game BUT may I suggest that the camera controls are change to the triggers on the switch version. It would make things much easier. 

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Bought it on switch, and I really love it. The inverted cam is kinda confusing but it's not making the game bad. 10/10 Cute Chickens UWU

ps. can you please implement a select button to the pc and switch port?


Good game I rate this is as 5/5 stars (outstanding)

This is a list of thoughts of your game:

  • The story is good but a bit strange
  • I like the PSX graphics and details
  • I like the cute theme to a horror theme
  • It's feels like a real PS1 game
  • I like the surprise spooks but the only thing that spook me was the giant snowbell monster

I would recommend this

This reminds me a lot of Petscop

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