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Gameplay -



Camera constantly spins with controller plugged in

its cool! good music and sounds!

Played this and absolutely loved it! 

Played this awhile back, thank you for this!

Full Play No Commentary

So good!!! The aesthetic is just so freakin amazing and the soundtrack is such a banger!!! :D

I LOVE this game!! It's so great 


The game is very good. Not to mention the OST masterpiece.


Can we have Mac and Linux versions?


Is there any way to play the game in windowed mode?

Yea, it should switch if you press T on your keyboard. :) 

This game and Toree 2 are what Sonic should be: Fast and tight platforming that lets you actually be fast

Loved this game so much! Playing the other few games soon !


Very fun!

I played Toree 3d Jumbled Jam. This more of a game for speedrunning, but also casual. The Music and the Graphics are nice, as well as the Level Design. The was one place where i think i skipped a lot of the Level, there should have been an invisible platform that could kill Toree, for not skipping the Level, but Overall a game that is worth playing.


I had a ton of fun streaming this. Except for that wind turbine level :,)

This was fun! I like the bird.

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I'm also having controller issues. Mine is being recognized, but i believe something weird happened to the button layout. Right trigger is start while left trigger does nothing. The screen constantly turns to the left as if detecting another input. I'm using the PS4 Dualshock which just might be the issue.

I'm having the exact same issue.

Just found a solution that's working perfectly now.  I'm pairing my DS4 via Bluetooth and using DS4Windows to present the controller as an Xbox controller. (Note I had the previous issue when connecting via USB, but switching to Bluetooth resolved it.)

Thank you! 

I don't have bluetooth  :(


i usualy start controller games throu steam and that fixes controller issues 90% of the time. just a little tipp

there is nothing wrong with this game at all

I just got this game as part of the bundle but my xbox controller isn't being recognized any help?

toree3d rules, dude

Nice game, really liked the style and character design. Liked some parts of the platform, although the one of the level was kind of tough to beat due to how slippy parts of the truck level was. Overall, nice really liked the color palette!

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had a lot of fun

It reminds me a lot of PS1 games such as Crash Bandicoot, Pink Panter and Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time!!! Nice Game!!!   

10/10  excelente el mejor juego de mi vida

This is literally the best game I have ever played omg it's so beautiful 



Fantastic game, but the camera inversion is broken for me. I prefer Invert-Y only, but checking the Invert-Y box does nothing. Checking the Invert-X box inverts BOTH camera axis. Still fun, but the camera issue is a large hindrance for my use case.


you did it you really did it and you did so good


Amazing game! In a way he reminds me a lot of Bomberman Hero. Perhaps the only downside in my opinion is the lack of more stuff like side quests. The game has excellent potential. Congrats on your game.


When I first played the demo in the Haunted PS1 2021 demo, I loved it. Now, I've come to check out the full release, only to learn that you're also the creator of Macbat, which was also great!


ffirst this a great 3d platformer

but the first 2 levels I played with a bug in my end that let the camera constantly rotated and it added a nice gimmick to the game, it just felt more active and vibrend (espacilly with the music) and it was more diffucult. So can this be maybe added to the game?

Yeah, I had this too (when I had a PS4 controller plugged in, didn't test an x360). Works fine keyboard-only though.

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I absolutely loved it. I think this is easily worth more than this price. The controls are easily the best so far out of all your 3D platformers, they're super smooth, responsive and satisfying.

Only gripe I would have is that some patterns in Edge Runner are bit overdone and ridiculous, both the moving enemy patterns and one particular jump where you have to jump from a conveyor truck to ice truck to a conveyor to a purple truck - it just wouldn't line up. Similarly, right after that section there are stars floating in mid-air that are permanently missable - and after I missed one, I simply gave up on 100%ing stars in this stage. But honestly, for this price I don't care, the game was easily amazing in every other aspect.

The only other tiny problems:
- in Hungry Mountain Peak where during the part where you have to jump on moving ice platforms that move in all three axes at once, it was really hard to judge where they are in perspective with no other information.

- sometimes (rarely) I could double-jump off vertical whirlwinds, which slowed down my learning how to do them correctly (edit: by this I mean I could jump off twice, instead of once as usual)

- for some reason once I select a character and I'm in stage select, I'm not allowed to leave. Pressing Escape simply restarts the stage select and if I want to exit the game, I have to press Alt F4.

- in the Starry Sky stage, the red filter made it kinda hard to see how exactly the buildings were constructed spatially, because sides and rooftops blended together a bit. It wasn't a big deal, but a minor annoyance.

I will admit I loved everything else. The game is snappy, polished, controls feel amazing, difficulty is just right, graphics look beautiful... almost perfect game. Might be your best game so far out of 3D platformers.

Also is there any way to download or buy the soundtrack? I would love to add the song from New Osaka to my regular playlist.

i love this game! i hope that the future you can make a sequal to this! very cool.

fun game! ^.^ i got all the characters and even a few S ranks! (:


Great game, but holy shit Neo Osaka is the last level you want for speedrunning. The vehicles always move at their own pace, breaking the flow and opportunity to speedrun.


I think the problem is more that their patterns are really hard and weird. They're not just moving back and forth, they do complex swerves - which looks very realistic, I will admit, but it might be hard to learn.


Do you think you could make the S rank for Neo Osaka easier? A lot of people including myself have put 100s of attempts but haven't been able to get it.

Also: if you go into level select (or back to the title screen), then go back to character select, the character you chose will be up front but the name on the side will say Toree, regardless of what character it is. Again, on Switch, not sure about PC. Thanks!


Loved this on Switch! Want to get it for my girlfriend, but she has a Mac. Any chance of a Mac port? Thanks!

I played on Switch too, and am waiting for a Mac Port!

Hopefully one day XD

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