-  You can pick up fruits and ducks by pointing at them and pressing E on your keyboard, or the Left Mouse Button.

- Feed the Ducks!

- If a food box is empty, an Icon pops up above it. Bring a new apple to the box. New apples grow on one of the three trees around you.

- If a duck is well fed, it falls asleep. Bring it to the resting zone.

A small game for Haunted PS1 Summer Of Screams.

It's a game about feeding monster ducklings. If there is no food... you become the food!!!

The spoopiness in this one is lagging a bit though. I hope you enjoy it anyway :) 

The game does not yet have a propper ending, because I had to finish it in a very small amout of time. 

If the mouse sensitivity feels off for some reason, I reccomend downloading the standalone build. There seems to be a weird bug with the mouse sensitivity.

Game Design by Marcus Horn and Ronaldo Bammann

Music: Pet Park by

One last thing: Please be aware, that you should never feed whole apples to ducks. :) Apples need to be cut into pieces first, and you need to make sure there are no seeds left in the apple. 

Made withUnity
TagsCute, duck, ducks, Horror, PSX


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Too cute

This rules.

add a pause because i have to keep losing progress from having to do stuff

why the frick are they thinking your the food

modern problems require modern solutions
they somehow escaped, but so did i
pov: you are a squirrel

I turned duck into apple

what a cute game!



(1 edit)

I can't get the game to run, the startup loading bar just stops at around 90% every time. Is there something I'm missing on my computer?

Edit: works fine with the online version, which the itch app didn't show was available.

creepy ducks started going after me instead of the food after a while

h elp 

i won the first time

(1 edit) (+1)

I keep running from the hella creepy ducks i like the nice ducks better



that is the point


The creepy ducks that read this reply: ;-; I just wanted a hug

i taked like 15-16 ducks

funny game :D

XD this game was epic

good gamr i loved it

Posted Hungry Ducks with ( Gamplay + No talking) If you want to check it out. :) 


My video on Hungry Ducks.

That was suprisingly fun and tense. I didn't know you were still active, Siactro!


Thanks. :) I only went away for around 1,5 years basically. It was a bit of a tough time

i fed a duck to a duck by using it like its an apple D:

._. ...huh? That is cruel. That shouldn't be possible... I must have messed something up 


I LOVE these ducks. This gave me Dreamcast vibes with the bright colors cute cartoons. 


love it but not sure what im supposed to do i just get attacked by the hostile ducks


Thanks for the feedback. :) I added a quick explanation to the description.




This was really fun, and surprisingly stressful at times.


Thank you! :D The stressfulness is kind of a compensation for the weaker horror elements.

your games are the best keep up the great work i like the n64 style it brings nostalgia