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i taked like 15-16 ducks

funny game :D

XD this game was epic

good gamr i loved it

Posted Hungry Ducks with ( Gamplay + No talking) If you want to check it out. :) 


My video on Hungry Ducks.

That was suprisingly fun and tense. I didn't know you were still active, Siactro!

Thanks. :) I only went away for around 1,5 years basically. It was a bit of a tough time

i fed a duck to a duck by using it like its an apple D:

._. ...huh? That is cruel. That shouldn't be possible... I must have messed something up 


I LOVE these ducks. This gave me Dreamcast vibes with the bright colors cute cartoons. 


love it but not sure what im supposed to do i just get attacked by the hostile ducks


Thanks for the feedback. :) I added a quick explanation to the description.




This was really fun, and surprisingly stressful at times.


Thank you! :D The stressfulness is kind of a compensation for the weaker horror elements.