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esta bueno pero me cago en los pato culiao

The game is very fun it's just that there are not that many things to do with the ducks maybe if you could do more stuff to do with the ducks it would make it more fun!

dont feed the ducks to the ducks, it makes the game angry

im playing on browser and my mouse keeps going out of the screen even if im in fullscreen and i cant look certain ways is there a way i can stop it from doing that?

i just click inside the box to lock the mouse in the game, if that doesnt work you could download it

when you turn around to a duck with teeth right behind you is just-

omg got me screaming i keep getting eaten lmaoo this is fun

you can stand on a stack of apples and live forever

My complete playthrough of this game.


I just almost got eaten by ducks


You can climb over the barrier with the apples. you can also trap the ducks outside the barrier.

Por dios XDD
Me asusté varias veces cuando me pillaban por la espalda XDDD

I didn' t know you could use other ducks as food lol

._. oh no... that is a really unfortunate bug...



I really liked this game! Nice job. The ducks are very cute but also terrifying! Anyways hope you like my video on it. 

Nice Game! The Ducks Are So CUTES!!!

especially when they eat you so cute

Too cute

This rules.

add a pause because i have to keep losing progress from having to do stuff

why the frick are they thinking your the food

modern problems require modern solutions
they somehow escaped, but so did i
pov: you are a squirrel

Bonus points if you stack the apples so that you can climb out of the fence


I turned duck into apple


what a cute game!



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I can't get the game to run, the startup loading bar just stops at around 90% every time. Is there something I'm missing on my computer?

Edit: works fine with the online version, which the itch app didn't show was available.

creepy ducks started going after me instead of the food after a while

h elp 

i won the first time

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I keep running from the hella creepy ducks i like the nice ducks better



that is the point


The creepy ducks that read this reply: ;-; I just wanted a hug

The person after the hug: X_X

i taked like 15-16 ducks

funny game :D

XD this game was epic

good gamr i loved it

Posted Hungry Ducks with ( Gamplay + No talking) If you want to check it out. :) 


My video on Hungry Ducks.

That was suprisingly fun and tense. I didn't know you were still active, Siactro!


Thanks. :) I only went away for around 1,5 years basically. It was a bit of a tough time

i fed a duck to a duck by using it like its an apple D:

._. ...huh? That is cruel. That shouldn't be possible... I must have messed something up 


I LOVE these ducks. This gave me Dreamcast vibes with the bright colors cute cartoons. 

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