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It keeps telling me a "Virus Scan" failed. It wouldn't let me play this game, and I would like some help.

love every second of this cant wait for episode two to drop. And wait what happened to uncle I got to know.

(811) This game scary and delicious (Tasty Ramen) Episode 1 - YouTube

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My complete playthrough of this game.
Just in case the dev is interested to see.
Or for those interested to see gameplay.



where's the 2nd episode?!?!

While I was looking for funny Japanese games, I found your game and made a feedback video from an aspect of Japanese game playerXD It will start 4 minutes later! I am also looking forward to Ep2! Hope to see you soon^^

You gonna finish with this and work on Episode 2 after Super Kiwi 64 releases, or is it still gonna be a bit? (Either way is fine btw.)

awesome, cant wait for episode 2!

good and fun :D i really like it


When is ep 2 releasing?

he has halted development for a bit due to other games and also having no real drive (paraphrased from the siactro discord)

This game was cool can't wait till episode 2 drop, keep up the good work!!

ive played both toree games on my nintendo switch and ive been looking for this game

This game was so good, I’m gonna need y’all to come out with episode 2 soon. 


Good looking fun game

I included this as the 2nd of three scary games in my video! I love the energy in this game - the anime opening and the crazy monster especially. The structure of the game is interesting but I think there were a couple things that made it somewhat frustrating. I liked that throwing food at the monster pacified him, but it was difficult to grab food and sometimes you would still die after throwing the food. (Note: This was before the 0.1.2 update so idk if that got fixed)

Anyways, here's the video. Tasty Ramen is at 21:41:

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I love the graphics and the music excellent work I'm looking forward to the finished game.

cant wait for it to be finished loved the game good work!

this is scary game right?

we love Ramen and we love this game! Nice Demo and we are looking forward for the full game! 


this was amazing!! i loved the cute gameplay but scary assests cant wait for the next part!!

Love the graphics and the non serious take of itself. But it still has the ability to be terrifying when it wants to. Truly enjoyed the experience and would love to play Episode 2 if it ever comes out. Thank you for making this! 2nd game.


Great game, music was good too, and the Ramen was a cute as well as dangerous character. I screamed a lot in this game, since it was scary. I wish the was some Puzzle to solve since the Batteries are easy to find but overall, i liked it. I recommend playing it. I made a video about this game if someone is interested!!

This was such a great game! The music was so good and it had me jamming out. I really liked the characters and the goofy/creepy aspects of the game, such as the weird face that appeared for a few seconds after leaving the bathroom. I hope the game continues to get updates and also hope for the future episodes to be made! 

This game was absolutely fun to play! I love how it heavily features anime details in the game. The spookiness is just right and can easily be finished. I'm really excited about episode 2 and will surely play it the day it drops! Awesome job devs!!!

I had a lot of fun playing this! Can't wait to play the next episode!


Nice Game

How can I run when I'm playing in Xbox 360?!


I love how this game feels like a anime series, which is a nice touch!

I played both versions on stream, I have to say that I liked the objective of the first draft better than the beta. I think I'm just dumb, but I actually wasn't able to get the ending lol. I did everything, I just did it in a way that I'm just stuck with nothing to do. The goal isn't straightforward at all here. OR perhaps it was a bug? Skip to the last maybe 5-10 minutes to see what I mean.

Try throwing tasty... ;)

I threw "tasty" in the wrong place and got locked out from the ending

Episode 2 released?

Short, sweet, and not exactly "scary" but definitely fun! Is episode 2 out yet?


This was actually scary a few times buutt it was cute too and just fun.


please release episode 2 i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely ADORED this! 10/10 would get chased by scary ramen again XD
I really hope to play Episode 2 if and when you release it~ ;u;

Loved this game! Please continue making this game also... here is 3RG  and their links.

Aske -


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