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(/ω\) A colorful PS1 styled spoopy game about a haunted bowl of ramen!  ..・ヾ(。><)シ 

Tasty Ramen Episode 1 BETA is OUT NOW! It's free and will see a few updates before I consider it the final release and fully start with episde 2. 

Tasty Ramen's gameplay demo is also part of the HauntedPS1 Demo Disc. Check it out here: https://hauntedps1.itch.io/

This game started as an entry for #ScreamSolstice and it is in a very unfinished state right now. However, I am going to develop this further because I took a liking to the main character and I have quite some ideas I want to do with it.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(247 total ratings)
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, mascot, Pixel Art, PSX (PlayStation), ramen


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It's great! Any plans of making it a full game? I'd really love that

Excellent good job

I love the art style!

Junji Ito: That was very scary



ypu better be right jjorjamie..


jjorjamie spoke facts, there was no wrong!!!! this game opened my eyes for me...to show me the world!

I absolutely loved this game! I really hope that this is still being developed because I was extremely impressed by this! A ton of fun sneaking around collecting the batteries. Also loved the aesthetic! Great work!

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It's amazing!

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Love this beta of episode 1 so very much. I'll be back for future updates and episodes! I love Ren's design and Boss is so fun too!! The world looks gorgeous and I am very excited for more. The opening was fantastic. 

love ittttttt

This is just an amazing game like... wow... you can see a lot of time got put into this and I love itt!!

Did not expect this kind of experience from Ramen. Its cute and funny and scary somehow. I absolutely love it. What an introduction. Heres my play through of it.

This was an amazing little game!! Just the voice acting alone was great but the intro, the music, those anime vibes and feelings made this perfect. It was hilarious and also spooky, the noodle man I love! I really hope you continue with this but just as it is, very fun, very silly, very awesome, I recommend completely! Check out my gameplay video!

Brilliant. Genuinely brilliant, from the unique anime aesthetics to the voice acting to the intro that thoroughly took me off-guard, this game is a treasure and I had a blast playing it. Even if no episode 2 is created, this game stands up well on its own as a short, light-hearted spookum, and I highly recommend it.

Playthrough enclosed, for any wishing to witness how I did!
... I died a lot.

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Why was I scared bruh 

I also feel very betrayed I thought we were gonna be bros

Amazing game, i was scared and also laughing, i think that was the point you were trying to make. I love your games. Hope to see next chapter!!!



i got scared by a bowl of ramen... amazing

for me, it was one of the best games i played.
cant wait for ep2
luv u <3

It keeps telling me a "Virus Scan" failed. It wouldn't let me play this game, and I would like some help.

love every second of this cant wait for episode two to drop. And wait what happened to uncle I got to know.

(811) This game scary and delicious (Tasty Ramen) Episode 1 - YouTube



where's the 2nd episode?!?!

While I was looking for funny Japanese games, I found your game and made a feedback video from an aspect of Japanese game playerXD It will start 4 minutes later! I am also looking forward to Ep2! Hope to see you soon^^

You gonna finish with this and work on Episode 2 after Super Kiwi 64 releases, or is it still gonna be a bit? (Either way is fine btw.)

awesome, cant wait for episode 2!

good and fun :D i really like it


When is ep 2 releasing?

he has halted development for a bit due to other games and also having no real drive (paraphrased from the siactro discord)

ive played both toree games on my nintendo switch and ive been looking for this game


Good looking fun game

I included this as the 2nd of three scary games in my video! I love the energy in this game - the anime opening and the crazy monster especially. The structure of the game is interesting but I think there were a couple things that made it somewhat frustrating. I liked that throwing food at the monster pacified him, but it was difficult to grab food and sometimes you would still die after throwing the food. (Note: This was before the 0.1.2 update so idk if that got fixed)

Anyways, here's the video. Tasty Ramen is at 21:41:

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I love the graphics and the music excellent work I'm looking forward to the finished game.

cant wait for it to be finished loved the game good work!

this is scary game right?

we love Ramen and we love this game! Nice Demo and we are looking forward for the full game! 


this was amazing!! i loved the cute gameplay but scary assests cant wait for the next part!!

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