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this game was an exsperience and i cant wait for future projects from this team

Thanks a lot! :) The next project I am working on is the full version of this game.

Really funny game. He caught me off guard the first time. 

His trick is that he is very small so he can sneak up on people it seems. 
Thanks for the video! :) 

It was foolish of me to chase the corrupted Ramen Boy but the bigger question is, how on earth did I survive?

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1


If I might add two questions: Why is he kind of adorable and kind of murderous at the same time? ...and would a real life plushy of him be the same? D: 
Thanks a lot for the video by the way! :) 

For the first question, I don't know. Perhaps he's avenging some great crimes against ramen kind. Personally, I think eating dehydrated, sentient ramen-creatures might be immoral in a ramen's eyes but who knows? He's cheerfully roaming around the dry-bone graveyard of his people. So that might not be the case.

Or maybe he has noodle brain. Both are equal possibilities!

For the second... YES. He's adorable, not so much in is murder-spree face, but he's still really cute!

( And of course, any time! It was a fun game to play and I'm glad I played it! )

Oh, this almost sounds like a really interesting idea about the ingame lore. :D We will have to wait and see if it's going to go in that direction but I am a personal fan of the idea!

I guess he can be cute when he is not actively trying to murder people. :D 

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Tried this in the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc. What a delightful spoopy game! I didn't know light-hearted was a thing I wanted - and it looks great recorded on VHS!

I still love this whole concept of VHS Let's Plays! Now that you actually played Tasty Ramen this way, I need to rewatch it on my old SD TV. And about the light-hearted horror: Same really... Especially making it was way more fun for me than a usual horror game because I was way less concerned about making the player feel the most amount of horror and more about the overall experience of the game itself. Still... the full game will become a bit more creepy ;) 

Fun little game! I love horror games like this where cute and characters are the monsters. 


Me too honestly. I find it just a little bit more interesting to make and maybe play if it's a good game... so not sure about mine here :) 

That was super Fun! Thank you! Made you a lil video: 

Nah, thank you for making a video about it! :) Really appreciate it.


make a bigger space the market was too small for a chase and because of that it was difficult


I agree, it needs to have a bigger space. The next version will have a bigger level :) 

This game was a lot of fun I played it on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk and thought i'd say hi here.  Keep up the great work! 

Thank you very much. :) 


Hilarious and fun game. The art style was really neat!


Thanks a lot! :) And thanks for the video.


I have a question, did you make your own ps1 shader?


No, I am not good enough with shaders for something that cool. I used some from the Internet. :) 

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What a cute little creature! Can't wait to see what you bring to the table if youre actually making a full game! 

Thank you. :) Well one thing I really want, is to make the full version a bit more scary. Also a bit more funny... but a bit more scary as well.

Yes make it more scary! But keep the squiky noise for when hes walking and chasing you. It adds personality! Cant wait for the full version! Keep it up!

Absolutely! The squeaky feet are important for gameplay and character. :D They stay. Also thank you very much! <3

Just played through the demo! Love the graphic style and the sounds blend so well. I also found the concept of being chased and jump scared (even though the game isn't very dark at all) by a tasty bowl of ramen hilarious.

If you're interested in guesting on our podcast to promote the game or whatever else you have going on let us know! We'd be happy to have you on.


Yes absolutely. I would love be a guest on your podcast. :) 

Awesome! Send an email over to when you can :)


I'm a fan of this type of game so I was more than willing to give it a shot.  And I'm glad I did.  This was actually fun and interesting.  The demo was short but that only makes me more interested in a full version.  Keep up the good work!  I attached my game play video.  It's the first game played in the video. 

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Thanks a lot! :) I am doing my best to make the full version as good as possible and maybe even a bit mor quirky and scary.

So goood man

Thanks. <3

This is a really good demo! I'd love to get this as a full game.

Is there any way to hear the music for the game? I know it's 2 tracks but I love listening to video game music.

Thank you. :)
Yes there is. They are both temporary tunes from and the files are called "stealthsteady_basic" and "taiko-drums". I have been trying to find the direct links on the page, but it somehow doesn't work for me right now :/ I quickly checked the game's credits again to see who made them: 

Taiko Drums by jobro with edit by congusbongus
Stealth steady basic by SouljahdeShiva

Maybe you have more luck in finding them right now :) 


Loved this game! A game doesn't need to be dark and scary to be suspenseful and fun! Well done!

Thanks a lot! :) Yes, I absolutely agree. My goal with this game is it to make a colorful and bright game that still invokes certain feels of horror within the player. It seems I am on the right track! :D Thanks <3 

I for one can't wait and hope you make a full game! Its so dang cute yet scary "ahhh noodles!!"

Thanks a lot! :) Yes I am absolutely going to make this a full game. It just needs a bit of time. 

Gosh, im so happy to hear that  *fan girl screams*

Made a video


Thanks a lot! :D

Siactro When Is The Update?

I am currently working on the overall way the full game will look like. After that I start to work on the next demo version. :) It might still be a bit before I release the next version though. :( Sorry.

Its ok

Played this one in a compilation video of mine, didn't expect to enjoy it this much!

Thanks a lot! To be fully honest, I am really surprised with how many people actually enjoy the game. I just thought it was a fun little idea but in the end maybe not that great. However, now it seems that people actually enjoy what they saw. You have no idea how much this motivates me to make this a full game! :) 


Much love on the reply, keep doing what you're doing!

Silly game but fun! Starts at 8:59 in the video :)

Oh sweet! Thanks a lot! :) 

I had a lot fun playing the demo, I also yelled a lot. Thank you

Hahaha perfect, so it did it's job. :D Thanks a lot. 

Played your game in a video I made. It was pretty adorable! Hope you enjoy the video I made

Yours is the first game!

Thanks a lot! :) Absolutely did. <3 


AWESOME GAME... yeah for real. I really enjoyed the game. The mascot thing was cute but super scary( or I am just a huge baby) But I liked the aspect of thwoing an object for noise. Im excited to see the full game!

here's my gameplay if you want to see me meme some more. 

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game and thanks a lot! :) I will make sure to keep you in mind once a new version (and later the final  game) is done.

I Cant Play Because The Text Wont Show Up And I Need The Text To Proceed Or Else The Game Wont Work I Only See A Door And Cant Move,Grab And And Look Around So Can You Please Fix It

I know. :( I will fix this in the next version. Probably have to use a different way of handling my texts. Believe me, it frustrates me a lot, but I am working on it! :) 

Thank You So Much Siactro!

Siactro Im Not Mad That Your Taking A While Because You Are My Favourite Dev On! So Take Your Time!

I haven't played this yet, but I can already tell I love it.

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Oh hey man. <3 Thanks for stopping by. I recently updated the demo to make it less frustrating. However, I am working on the next version and it should be a lot better than the current one. So no matter what, you should absolutely check back when it's released. it will even have actual NPCs and some story ;D 

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I liked the concept of the game but it sure was a very short demo, hope to see more content development in this game!

Thanks a lot! :) It sure was. I started this game in december for a jam and just happened to kind of stumble upon the haunted ps1 community while working on it. When they delayed the submission deadline for the demo disc, I worked a overtime to get something done in time. So I absolutley agree with you that it is very short, but it was important to me to show what the gameplay will feel like in the final game. I am now in the process of flashing everything out a bit more and will make sure that the next demo is a proper introduction into the final vision of the game. 

It's nice to hear the timeline in how the whole project started, brings out the background a bit more. Either way I hope to see that new demo pretty soon!

Me too honestly, however it might still take a bit of time. I will try to post some updates along the way though :) 

Ok, best of luck to you and your project!

Thanks a lot! :)


Very good game! Excited to see where development is going to lead it...

Thanks a bunch! :) Me too, to be honest. It's going to be interesting to see if people will like it. 

Having an issue on startup where the text is so large, most of it doesn't load into the textbox. Using a 1920 x 1080 display and launching from the Haunted Play Station Demo Disk menu. Help?

This is a known issue but unfortunatley I haven't quite figured out what causes it just yet. Unity's text UI works as it should but in certain resolutions it simply breaks apart. As soon as I found a fix, I will update immediately! :) 

Have you tried TextMeshPro?

Not yet but it's definitely on my todo list. I kinda rushed the demo a bit last montgh so I rather used what I already knew instead of learning the better thing on the spot. Well and now I have a weird bug so yea :D But yea TextMeshPro is probably the way to get rid of this bug.

Fun concept.  Took me a few tries to beat it.  I look forward to seeing how you expand upon it.

Thanks a lot! :) I am currently hard at work on the game for the next demo version.


This was a lot of fun and I love the mechanic of throwing something to distract the ramen monster, that makes it much more likely for people to use tactics to get around him.

Thank you very much. :D I wanted to give the player the possibility to play the game in a more tactic way. However I feel I need to make it a lot more clearer. Not many people seem to get it. :) 

Game looks great so far!  Had fun giving it a try! 


Thank you! :D I hope you are going to enjoy the next version even more. 


Hello! just checking in on this game, and I still have hope for this game, please keep updating! :>


Hey, thanks a lot! :) I have indeed been working on the game, you can check out my twitter account for a look at the first NPC of the game. However I will start using the devlog function on here as well! :D

This was way more fun than i thought, i fitst thought this was just some random poop game, but after some rounds it made a lot of fun. I particularly love the little tips of the mascot, has a nice touch to it.
Great job on this! Im looking forward to see more!

Thank you! :D I have been working on the game and will post a devlog on here soon with some updates! :) 

This is a great game! Would play anytime and gives me anxiety when being chased uwu

Haha, thanks. :D Hope you are going to enjoy the next version.

omg so scary

Thank you. :D

ahah love it, made me jump the first time round

Thanks, I sometimes forgot the mascot was roaming tha halls randomly and got jumpscared myself during development.

this game is scary ;-;

Hah, thank you! :D

I am loving this so far. The presentation is on point. Excited to see how you develop this monster mascot.

Thanks a lot! :) I have quite some ideas I want to explore with this. 

Hopefully you update soon, can't wait for this new PSX horror game. Definitely sticking around. 

Thanks! :D I will really get into it and make it one of my main projects asap (probably around early january). 

This nearly made me spill my tea lol


It made me forget about an actual cup of ramen I made during development... it was cold once I finally remembered...

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