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I got this on switch because it looked cool, and gotta say, it really is!

Its a simple 3D platformer, no BS about it!


I really like the game BUT may I suggest that the camera controls are change to the triggers on the switch version. It would make things much easier. 

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Bought it on switch, and I really love it. The inverted cam is kinda confusing but it's not making the game bad. 10/10 Cute Chickens UWU

ps. can you please implement a select button to the pc and switch port?


Good game I rate this is as 5/5 stars (outstanding)

This is a list of thoughts of your game:

  • The story is good but a bit strange
  • I like the PSX graphics and details
  • I like the cute theme to a horror theme
  • It's feels like a real PS1 game
  • I like the surprise spooks but the only thing that spook me was the giant snowbell monster

I would recommend this

This reminds me a lot of Petscop

It's on switch now.


I've seen that the game is going to be released soon on steam, and wanted to share my video about it and wish you a lot of luck with the release ^^



Where can I get the soundtrack?

nice platforming and nice creepy :)

Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 No Commentary Playlist


I really enjoyed the demo! I'm waiting for the switch release but I know I'm going to love the full version :)

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I am having trouble purchasing this game. For some reason I can't purchase with paypal or card, after clicking the option it just brings me to the front page. I have been able to get other games without issue, any idea what could be going wrong?


your cards not from the 90s

That sure is a bit weird hmm. Are you perhaps not on a windows machine? From the top of my head, that is the only thing that would come to mind.

Saw this in the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc and when I realized it was y'all, I couldn't contain myself! Excellent game!!


I loved this game! The whole "vibe" of the game works extremely well. The music, aesthetics, theming, it's all super nice. Well done


Had a great time playing this unique take on the traditional platformer. I didn't expect the music to be as great as it was, and it had my blood pumping. The controls were very fluid (used a gamepad), the oversaturated visuals are attractive, and the whole aesthetic is just exploding with charm. Let me know if a Toree plush ever becomes a thing, because I really want one.

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Just played through it. It was amazing!!!!!!

My favorite levels were the second Star level!!! It had so many features and cool moments! And also the Ice, the Harbor and the Final one!

The gameplay seems to be a nice mix of Super Mario 3D World with some Sonic elements, and I enjoyed it a lot!

Some suggestions: auto camera and maybe a custom draw distance perhaps? idk

Overall, I really recommend this game for anyone who likes a colorful 3D platformer!

This is a nice little platformer! One minor complaint: the mouse tends to go outside of the game when you have two or more monitors (or if you're somehow in windowed mode like I am).


Such a cute game, however, I'll never unlock the final character! I had a great time! 


This was lovely


Played through it all and it was super fun!! I absolutely adore 3D platformers, especially PS1 inspired ones as I really dig the old school style and makes me feel very nostalgic ^^ My favorite levels were definitely the ice stages and I really liked the aesthetic of Edge Runner too! Game is super cute and that creepy touch you added with the glitches and the stars made the experience so much cooler! I recorded my experience, you can see it here if you'd like! 


That was very fun! Very intuitive movement. May I make a very small suggestion though? I had a hard time in some levels, seeing the edge of platforms. Mainly in the ice levels. Might just be my monitor. But darkening the edge texture might help? 


OH! That's a really good idea! :D Thanks. I guess, I simply didn't realize how hard it is to see the platforms, because I knew them by heart after placing them. This is really helpful. :) 

Just like the previous game, it's fantastic, I found the camera a bit annoying to work with but otherwise I loved it. I think the ice level needs to be harder but a part from that great job !

I played the first 5 levels so far, and I think this game is pretty good, I like the visuals and the controls are great. Though I'm a bit hesitant to play through the rest of the game, mainly because I can't handle horror games that well.


I totally get you here. :) I tried to make the spooky elements more funny, and spoopy rather than actual horror. At least for the most part. I figured you have played the second pink town level yet, right? I admit the ending to that was a bit heavy in comparison to the rest (the jumpscare at the end). From now on it gets easier. The second ice level and the final one feature more horror elements but not nearly as bad. The second ice level has giant snowballs that open a mouth with teeth and growl at you when you come close so be warned. The final level looks weird, but does not feature actual horror or jumpscares.

Yeah, the second pink level was the last one I played so far. I saw a speedrun of the game, and that level is the scariest the game gets for me.


I don't know why there are so few 3D platformers like this, just straightforward platforming and charming art. Really great stuff, enjoyed it thoroughly

Thank you. :) Yea, I always wanted to make a simple, straight forward little 3D Platformer. Usually I shied away from it, and for some reason tried to make Platformers with a lot of emphasize on atmosphere over gameplay.

What are the camera controls when using a ps4 controller? I can't find where it says in the game.


They should be close to every other I think ( lefst stick walking, right stick camera, one button jump, one button holding down to sprint). I don't have a PS4 Controller, so I couldn't test it. Though the game only uses two sticks and two buttons, so it really shouldn't be too far off. :) 

Great game! But I can't for the life of me find the last six stars in windy ocean. Do you have some sort of guide for the stars?


Thanks. No unfortunately not. Might be an idea for the future. Though I am pretty sure, I know what stars are you talking about. You might want to check out the two aircraft carriers at the end again. Might have been a bit too cryptic after all :) 

Yes those were the ones I was missing! Thanks. Was that aircraft carrier section inspired by metal harbor from SA2 by any chance?

When you get on the boat, go to the right side of it, and the stars should be there.


I got Macbat 64 back when you had the price as 100% off, so I paid an extra $2 for this game because it's well deserved haha

I am so excited to try this!

This looks really cool!

Thank you :) 

When you say "weird elements", can I assume that means some kind of horror?


Indeed. Though it isn't that spooky. More akin to spoopy elements to make it more interesting. Nothing to extreme or scary.

i've been looking forward for your next game, the ramen one was so funny


Ah dang, thank you very much. :) Hope you gonna like this one. If not: Tasty Ramen Episode 2 is going to happen.

This is looking awesome!

Thank you! :D

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