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This was really fun (Skip to 2:58)


Thanks a lot! :) 

the game will load for me, but no text appears on the starting screen. Please help?

It is a known bug and I am really sorry for it :( You can still play the game by pressing E a few (like... 14?) times. However I promise you that bug won't be in Episode 1. 

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loved this game so fun and scary at the same time please check out my play through of it below 

Haha thanks a lot! :D And thanks for making that video! :) 

no problem it was a very good game scary and funny at the same time! 

dude this game is awesome! I love it! There is so much going on here & cant wait to play more.  You have really captured the essence of a PS1 game & there are some really decent mechanics here. The map size is pretty good for the demo but I think the map size should increase & vary as each level progresses. I would also encourage a slightly less obvious noise for the bowel of ramen to give him more of a chance to catch you. Otherwise. PURE NOSTALGIC AWESOMENESS


Hey thanks a lot for the kind words. I really appreciate it! :D 
I agree, the map was a bit too small and overall I don't feel like it worked all that well. Episode 1 will have a very different map (still set in the store though) and I made the overall objective a bit more interesting I hope. The sounds need to stay though. <3 Though I assume I should make them a bit quieter to not give the position away too soon? :)

Hey Siactro, thanks for the reply. I get the sounds need to stay. I mean, yeah if you could make them quieter initially that would be good. Just to add more to the element of surprise when you do get seen, but still a solid game man & I really look forward to seeing the next iteration :)

Hey, It doesn't seems to work on my end, no text appear

Yea, sorry about that. :( That is a real annoying bug of the demo. It won't happen in the next version!

Hey, I fixed it by changing the PPI to "system(improved)

Hey, Siactro!

Any plans for a new game?

Always. I am currently trying to refrain from investing time into anything other than Tasty Ramen. However I still have my two other projects. Even though they are on the backburner for now because I really want to get episode 1 done :) 

please dont tell me that i copied someone's thumbnail.

I am not entirely sure. Though great minds think alike, right? :) 

I made a video too!

Hey :D Thanks a lot for the video! <3

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Great game I love it, I loved the chasing soundtrack, das spiel war ganz cool, ich spreche nur englisch, deutsch, danke für das spiel 

Thank you very much! :D The soundtrack will change though. I used music from for the demo, but the game is getting it's own soundtrack for the final version. Hope you will enjoy the new tunes as well :) 

Hey, its me, Kai again,

I've just played your game and fell in love with it right away!

I really like the cute ramen bowl :-) 

Same as always, keep up the terrific work! \(^_^)/

Are You Working With Other People? Because The Update That's Coming Feels Like Its Gonna Be So Huge!

I do. I work with a musician and a friend of mine helps me a lot with the ingame arts. The update (episode 1) will have a lot of changes, but don't expect it to be that huge. :) Most of the time went into redesigning parts of the game and actually figuring out where the game should go from here. So basically a lot of time where I did not create any actual content for the game. Just keep that in mind please. 

Super fun game! There are definitely some things I'd change for the full version that I mention in the video. Overall really love it and hope to see it more fleshed out.


Thanks a lot. :) I am planning a lot of improvements (and already included some). The demo version was a bit rushed because of time constraints.  That is the reason behind many of the not so good decisions. Most of this will change. The pink stays though! <3 :D

Haha! A very scary color indeed. Can't wait to see the final version!

SKIP TO 24:52!!!

Hah nice! :D Thanks a lot!


maybe get a better soundtrack

Already in the works! :D Currently working together with a musician on the first tunes. Well... he is working and I am just super impressed by what he makes. <3 


I really enjoyed playing this game and would have no problem paying a small amount of money for a full game version of something like this with more content!

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! :)  That is the plan. I am going to release the full game in episodes (mainly because it takes a lot less time to develop it in episodes and i get more feedback along the way) with the first one being released for free and starting with episode 2 I will set a small price tag for them. :) 

my game is just a black screen pls help

Deleted 38 days ago

You mean it doesn't actually start? What windows version do you have?


really enjoyed this little demo. Didnt realize that you had an entire collection will be playing that soon

You mean my other games or the haunted ps1 demo disc? :D Cause the demo disc has games by many people not just me. If you mean my games here on I highly suggest skipping some of the older ones x) Some of them are really just bad... I hope you find something interesting beneath them though :D 

I actually meant both lol. Just getting back into the swing of recording after a break, will let you know if and when I post more ^_^

First game of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk, it's a great little game.

Hopefully there will be additional levels with larger stores to run through in the future.

Thanks again for your video! <3 Yes and yes. The demo store is pretty much gone by now and replaced with a new one. However the store itself isn't the only place players will find in the final game (however it is the setting for episode 1 so yea.) :D

I loved this little taste and I can't wait to see what's in store for our little ramen friend/foe in the next one.

A LOT! Definitely check it out as soon as it's out! ...too much? :D Anyway, thanks a lot! :) I have some hopefully cool ideas for the full game, that I am currently working on. 


Nice one. 

Greetings from Germany :)

Haha nice, dankeschön! :D Ich glaube du bist einer von ca drei deutschen Let's Playern die es gespielt haben. Ich glaube es hat nicht ganz den durchschnittlichen deutschen Spieler-Geschmack getroffen! ;) 

Mir gefällt das Game sehr gut :)

Now i want some ramen! The demo was short, but really unique :D Love that idea <3

I should have made a deal with some ramen company! :D Thanks a lot. Yea, it is a bit too short really. Episode 1 will be longer and have more content i promise! :)

Will wait for it, keep it up :D

This was just delightful! It's wackily scary... or should that be scarily wacky? Or maybe both of those descriptions work?

Ah, either way you play someone. Someone who appears to be locked in a store. With an angry tub of delicious noodles hunting you down! So get your running shoes on, grab those keys and get the heck outta there before the meal makes a meal outta you!

Honestly I had a lot of fun playing this, short and sweet so far and I would absolutely love to play more. So here's hoping we do see more in the future =)


Hahaha, there will be a bit of a backstory for your character in episode 1! :D Thank you very, very much. Yes there is absolutley going to be more of this. I am currently working on it.

The Game Finally Worked! And I Had So Much Fun But There Is Too Much Pixels So Can You Make A Option To Turn It Off Or Just Lower The Pixels?

Glad to hear and thanks! :) I was planing on a feature like this, I just didn't have enough time. From Episode 1 on I will include it. 

I just downloaded the game but none of the text/UI is loading! I watched others' gameplay so I could see to press E to get past the main menu but when i got to the next scene nothing loaded either. Can I please have help?

Ah dang it. Yeah, that is one of the bugs of the current version. :/ Basically all you have to do is press E over and over until you can move. Than you can grab items with E and throw them with the left mouse button :) You have to collect 8 red keys and bring them to the door. 

Thanks! hope it gets fixed soon :/ looking forward to playing though

I really liked the game i beat it under an hour but it still made me jump our of my seat btw when will you release the full version

Thanks a lot! :D I am working on it almost every day right now but things got a bit slower over here since a certain virus spread around. Still I am aiming for a release in april. :) 


played your game on a stream the other day, and I have to say this game was an immediate favorite for me. thanks for the laughs and the scares :)

Really glad to hear it! :) Thanks a lot, I hope you are going to try out the next version as well in that case. It will have more scares and hopefully more laughs as well! :D


hahaha, I am a bit sorry! :D Thanks a lot for the video! :) 


We gave it a shot on our stream and hooo boy. We were very stressed out and had a lot of fun, which means I think you really nailed it! 


Hahaha, this makes me really glad to hear! :D Even though he is just a small little bowl of ramen, he still seems to manage to scare some people. I am a bit proud of him at this point. <3 Thank you a lot! :) 

omg, this my favourite game from haunted ps1 demo disk, game is very good!

Naw, thanks a lot! :D <3 I really appreciate it! :)


Here's my gameplay of it,I really like this game.

It's the first game I play in the video

Awesome, glad to hear you liked it! :D Thanks a lot for the video. :) 


Dude, ramen is dope so therefore this game was dope. Was a really cool idea! Would love to see more development on it! Was too short! Also I know just posting big videos without time stamps are big annoying! So skip to 26:07 for the actual gameplay! 

It absolutely was too short, I agree! :) I am currently working on the next big release for the game. It is going to be an episodic game and I pretty much improve on everything. Evreythiiiing! :D  Thanks a lot for making and sharing the video! <3 


This game was so much fun! I really did enjoy it.

Here is me playing it :)

Thanks a lot for the kind words and thanks for making a video about it! :) 

Siactro when do you think episode 1 is gonna Release Like If You Know The Date Then I will be excited 


Interesting game...

Thank you! :) The next release (Episode 1) will hopefully be even more interesting. :D

Had a ton of fun playing this game! would definitely love more levels and enemies to be in the game (。+・`ω・´)


Thanks a lot! :D Absolutely going to happen! I reworked the entire shop for the first actual release of the first episode. It might still take a bit but it is not that far off anymore <3

Hey I Found Your Game On The Popular Page!

Yea it hold onto there for some time! :) That was pretty cool, hope to get it on there again soon.


A short buy sweet stealth/chase based horror game. Fun for a demo, looking forward to a full release. Game footage starts at 22:26. 


Thanks a lot! :) And thanks for checking out the haunted ps1 demo disc in general <3 

Awesome Game dude i love how cute the chase scene in this game i made a short horror Gameplay about u can check it out here :)

Thanks a lot for the video! :) I try to make him a bit cuter but also scarier in the final game. 


very good game

please visit my gameplay video

Thank you! :) I agree: check out the video.

Thanks I appreciate it

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Loved this lil game! It did make me scream when he got me each time. Who knew that an ominous squeaker toy coming at you rapidly would actually scare me, great job!

Right? Still don't understand what makes it scary, but I am happy that it sometimes does! :D Thanks. 

I LOVE THIS GAME! It is funny. I don't understand why is it under horror games, but its still ok. I hope to see more games like this in the future!

btw here is my video:

Thanks a lot! :D The "horror" parts come mainly from the horrible bugs! ;) 


I gave this game a quick play and was pleasantly surprised by how scary it managed to be. 

To be fully honest with you, I still don't get how it manages to actually be scary from time to time but I am just happy that it is :D

Also thanks for the video! <3

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