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I had a lot of fun playing this! Can't wait to play the next episode!

Nice Game

How can I run when I'm playing in Xbox 360?!

I love how this game feels like a anime series, which is a nice touch!

I played both versions on stream, I have to say that I liked the objective of the first draft better than the beta. I think I'm just dumb, but I actually wasn't able to get the ending lol. I did everything, I just did it in a way that I'm just stuck with nothing to do. The goal isn't straightforward at all here. OR perhaps it was a bug? Skip to the last maybe 5-10 minutes to see what I mean.

Try throwing tasty... ;)

I threw "tasty" in the wrong place and got locked out from the ending

Episode 2 released?

Short, sweet, and not exactly "scary" but definitely fun! Is episode 2 out yet?


This was actually scary a few times buutt it was cute too and just fun.


please release episode 2 i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely ADORED this! 10/10 would get chased by scary ramen again XD
I really hope to play Episode 2 if and when you release it~ ;u;

Loved this game! Please continue making this game also... here is 3RG  and their links.

Aske -


funi ramen game

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