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Nice game! Would be even greater with multiplayer.

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Amazing game!! Really enjoyed it :)

can't wait for episode 2                                                                                                            Here's some gameplay

Thank you very much and thanks for making a video! :) 

I sadly cannot play this game because I have a Mac (I'm also the worst with horror games that involve running), but I wanted to comment to say that I absolutely LOVE the aesthetic of this game. It reminds me a little of LSD: Dream Emulator.

I plan on porting the game to mac and linux as soon as episode 1 is done :)

Ahh that's great news, thank you for letting me know! I know you're working hard on updates/the next episode right now, so I will wait patiently for whenever this comes out :^)

Why do the noodle its so fast how do i escape em

This was absolutely amazing. The intro song blew me away, and I love the overall style of the game. Gameplay is straight forward, but still oddly frightening. My only issue was that the controls suddenly inverted at one point, but I was still able to play and beat the game! Looking forward to episode 2!!!


Thank you very, very much! :) The song is licenced though, but the opening animation is done by us. :D That bug will be gone with the next update, i promise. 

I Loved the game especially the anime intro and it was a lot like an episode of DBZ but my controls swapped during the game


Yea that is a nasty little bug. Will fix that in the next version. Thank you very much for the video and yea... it is a bit heavily inspired by DBZ, I admit it. :D

My expectations for this were far exceeded! Played the original demo a while back and was very pleased with this new addition! Can't wait to play the next Episode! Second game in the video! :) 

Haha, awesome! :D Thank you very much. <3

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OH I'M BACK for more Tasty Ramen! Hilarious and scary mixed together in one big steaming bowl of broth. There are bugs, maybe intentionally? I overwhelmed it by the end

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Thank youuuuu! :D  And yes... of course the bugs are intentional... I will shamelessy use your  video as a bug report, thanks for this! x)

I've Played the game on my channel and so far i enjoyed it a lot, Im excited for Ep.2 !

Thank you very much! :D

Here's a video of this awesome game I did in 240p cause I love low poly model games.


It is really cool to see it look like it actually would have back in the day! :D Thanks again for this! <3 

Haha no problem! glad you liked it :D

I really enjoyed playing this game on my CRT at 240p. Unfortunately all text in the game is cut off on the left. Not sure what your plans are as far as supporting lower resolutions go, but I still had a blast getting chased by demonic ramen haha!

Thanks. :)
The first demo version was playable in 4:3. However I ditched it, because I ultimately decided to go for player convenience first here. 

Totally understandable, who even plays in 4:3 anymore?

Wow really great job. I didn't expect to see updates to this game, but i am pleasantly surprised . 

Thank you. :) Yea I took a short break from it to understand where it was going. Now I have a storyline and a few cool ideas ready.

SO CUTE!! <3 i'm really looking forward to episode 2!! :D one issue i had though, was when I walked on top of the bench in front of the store, as soon as i stepped off, the controls had been switched (s=forwards, a=right, etc.) I don't know why that happened exactly, but I had to restart the game :( anyways, looking forward to the next episode!! :)

Thank you very much! :D 
Yea that is a nasty little bug. I still haven't fully figured out what happens. I do have a few lines in place that should avoid this, but somehow they don't :/ Must be me forgetting a thing. I will fix it for the next update :) 

I haven't played, but this picture is beautiful

Thank you! :) 

10/10, Best ramen experience I've ever had. 

Haha, thank you very much! :D

please tell me with which engine you used to make this game, hope it`s unity

Yup, it's Unity. 

For some reason I can't record the game I tried with 2 recording softwares and non of them worked, you don't even have to help me with that, Thank you for making the game.

Episode 1 was pretty good.  The layout of the map was pretty well done.  The art style is very appealing.  Had no issues with bugs/glitches, and the gameplay loop is fun (especially trying to do it as fast as possible).  My only complaint was the difficulty.  The lack of punishment for getting caught kind of drained the fun tension the game had up to my first time getting caught.  I look forward to future episodes of this one.  


First of all: Thank you! :) 
I know what you mean, however it was a choice for me between making it less punishing or risking to  make it frustrating. Mainly because i didn't find a better way. I decided to not risk frustrating the player, even if it means to destroy some of that tension. I hope I find a better way in the future.

This was great, I love the style and had a lot of fun with it. Really excited to see the future updates and episodes!

Thank you very much! :D

The animations/intros were nice better than most indie games, there were a few bugs. It was a bit short, I felt like it should've been around a 20+ minute experience but you know that is just my opinion. Still fantastic game, can't wait for Episode 2! Also I enjoyed the vibrant colors.

Thank you very much! :) I am still working on it so it might get a bit longer. Even if not though, episode 2 is going to be longer. This one is more a short introduction into the game itself.

man, the game impressed me on one level, after I saw the opening I couldn't believe it, a ramen game has this quality, I recorded it if I want to take a look

 Thank you very, very much! :D I did, and I liked it. 

Looking forward for another episodes and Of course I like haunted bowl of ramen into a horror game.

Thank you very much! :) 

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I beat the game in under 5 mins lol. Here is a speed run trick. Find 9 batteries and throw them into the room where the A/C is. dont actually enter room until you found 9 batteries and then after you have the amount of batteries in the room just start throwing them into the A/C. the ramen never goes into the room unless you go out to the front of store.

Ah, dang it. Totally forgot about that... Thanks! :D Will fix that in the next update.

I'm so hyped for future episodes! I loved the intro, end credits and music. The gameplay is enjoyable and the art is awesome  too! I was going to say I wanted Tasty to be more challenging, but you've already updated that this morning so well done!! 

Thanky you so much! <3 :D I am really glad you enjoyed it, and yes there are going to be a few updates for this before I start working on episode 2. 

I love this so much. The art style, the music, the story, the anime intro, everything is just so well done.

Thank you so much! :D I hope you are going to enjoy the updates / episode 2 as well. 

I would love to record myself playing this amazing game for a YouTube video!

Please do! <3 And make sure to share your video here :) Although, if you wait a few hours, you can play the first updated verison. 

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Alright, i can wait a few hours to play the updated version!

Btw, i think this game looks amazing and i hope to be able to play the other episodes that this game will have to offer!

Thanky you very much. The first update (a few fixes) is out now. Feel free to play it. :)

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Alright, I will definitely try and record myself today, playing this game for a YouTube video.

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When I saw that this game existed I just had to play it. It took me forever to actually upload a video, but I love the idea of this game. I doubt I'd ever beat it, but it was really fun!!!

REALLY loved this game you guys did such a fantastic job!

The game was fun but i recorded two games but here is the link to the other game and share the love... I just loved how the Ramen chases you around.

A Sold House :

i love games like these, had a hard time getting keys but i beated it! very fun, cant wait for next episode.

I yelled a couple of times

this game is really fun and entertaining

oh wait nevermind lol

how do you pick stuff up? or am i just assming that it's a part of the game XD

Just played this game in the haunted ps1 demo disc... great job. I love this game!

I made a tierlist for a lot of the haunted ps1 games and this game was in it! Please check out my video!

A game i will never beat im not good enough lol


oh it’s ok i can’t wait for the full gqme


Oh... well eh... hmmm :/ I am sorry...

This game was so fun but to be honest kinda easy and short but pretty fun still

The difficulty in the original version was really tough for most people so I made it easier so people can enjoy it. :) I already have an idea concerning difficulty for the final game though.

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