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Wow, I remember playing the demo, and look how far you went ! this was an wesome experience and i'm glad you've continuted making this game

This is absolutely fantastic! And actually has some spoopy moments. Now I can play a game with 2 of my favorite things! Can't wait to see more keep up the good work :)

Thank you very much. Really appreciate it! :) 

Amazing storyline, smooth game play, marvellous retro styled graphics and totally different style of presenting a Horror game. Pretty excited for Ep2.


Thank you very much :) 


I really enjoyed this fun little game, it's funny and love the style of it!

Thanks a lot :D

Interesting idea but I wish there was more to the story and gameplay. 

Thank you. More is on the way in episode 2. :)

Here's my playthrough (starts at 15:45)


Thank you. :)

Will it ever be for mac


Yes, the final version of episode 1 will be on mac and linux as well.

How can ramen be dangerous you say? Well, when it comes up and bites you you'll know! In Tasty Ramen we get a fun adventure that may or may not have made me terribly sick to play...

Haha, thanks. :) 

Amazing storyline, smooth game play, marvellous retro styled graphics and totally different style of presenting a Horror game. Pretty excited for Ep2.


Thanks a lot! :D

A unique concept for a horror game, I'll definitely be playing episode 2! The footage was a bit fuzzy and I apologize for that, but future videos won't have the same problem. Keep up to good work!

Thank you very much! :) And no worries about the video quality, the game itself is pixelated after all! ;D

Dude this is the best indie ps1 game I ever played with a touch of anime. I am a big fan of anime . I wished there was more. when will the episode 2 come?

I made my 6th commentary video those who are watching my video please support me so that I can get the motivation to do commentary gameplays. I am a shy person I need your support to over come my shyness. Its an honor

Heya, thank you very much for your words. :) I really appreciate, that you overcame your shyness and made a video about the game. I Have been watching and liked your video when you first posted it. Episode 2 is hopefully coming out in october. 

Amazing storyline, smooth game play, marvellous retro styled graphics and totally different style of presenting a Horror game. Pretty excited for Ep2.


Thanks a lot. :D

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I really liked the game although I think dying could be a jump out at you a little more if you catch my drift. Other wise fun game! It didn’t really scare me that much accept one time but other wise I think it has a huge potential! 

My Play through: 

Thank you very much. :) Yes, the death animation is basically not implemented yet. It will come with the next update. 

This is one of the most creative horror games that I have played on itch so far, amazing. The animation style resembles PS1 graphics so well. I did NOT expect that intro to the characters/game.. caught me so off guard, even hyped me up a little 💀 I enjoyed playing. The entire concept is highly intriguing to me, and I cannot wait to play the future episodes. Scared me at certain parts, made me laugh at others, and enjoyed it from start to finish. Only issue I had was one piece of dialogue came very late, other than that the game was 100% great. There was so much attention to detail. Allowing almost every object to be interactive, seeing cherry blossom petals fall, the train running in the background. The music was nice to play with in the background as well. Very well done!

Oh wow, thank you very much for the kind words. :) I really, really appreciate it. I hope you are going to enjoy the future episodes as much as you enjoyed this first one.

Great Job DEV! This is the type of creativity we need in 2020! Assume SAUCE Teehee : ) 


Haha, thank you very much! :D

this, somehow scared tf outa me... awesome.. and now im hungry a lil bit

Thanks. :) I take only 50% responsibility for making you hungry though. :D

When I played the Demo version of this game I knew that this game would be good, and I was right! The game is awesome, 10 out of 10! 

Can't wait for Episode 2!

Here's  a video I made

Wow, thank you very much! :) Hope you are going to enjoy episode 2. 

Wow I am so glad to be back playing this one, the update kicks ass and the music really set the tone for some fun times. Can't wait for the next episode!!

Eternal fan, Sanaya <3

PS I made another video I wanted to share:


Haha, thank you so much! :D I really appreciate it! :) 

STAY AWAY FROM MAH NOODLES DEMON RAMEN! this was probably one of the best games i played on itchio on how funny it was and can't wait for episode 2! good job 

Thanks a lot! :D Hope you will enjoy episode 2 as well.

I gladly give this game five stars,  it's worth the hype and definitely a masterpiece on its own.   The style reminds me of Megaman Legends, concerning the art style and it has a very nice feel to it. 

Once the next episode releases, i'll be playing that too. <3 Love the intro!


Thank you  very, very much! :) I really appreciate it. Mega Man legends was a big inspiration for the artstyle. :D 

Oooh, You could add a reference to Mega Man Legends into the next episode or one of them!  The theme to that little shopping center near the beginning of the first game!  That would be a wonderful reference!

Five star game! had some control issues (hard to walk and look at the same time), but nothing major. Adorably scary, but super fun! I'd definitely recommend playing! 


Thank you very much. :) 

No problem! We can't wait for episode 2!



Gracias. :D

I can't finish a game, but I just had to try this one out after playing the demo! I love cute horror games, and it was fun even though I get scared easily lol. If you wan't you can see more of what I thought of the game. One day I shall finish it, until then I can't wait to see more of what you come up with!

I am glad that you did try it out after all and enjoyed it. :) Thank you. I hope I can give you a similar feeling with future projects. 

No problem! And I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

I NEED MORE OF THIS GAME NOW PLEASE! Lol it was so good and i cant wait for more!! ALSO i did a little thing with the end song so if you watch it i hope you can enjoy that! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME!

Haha perfect, you really felt the music in your editing, didn't you? :D Thanks a lot for this, and thank you very much for the enthusiastic and kind words! <3 Really appreciate it. 

haha thank you, I really really felt the music 😂 And honestly, thank you for making such an awesome game, I will 100% be keeping up to date with the next episodes :D please please make more :D 

This game was funny in a way that made me think that you are not trying to be funny LOL. I had a bug at one point which was a little bit disappointing but its ok. Here is my pretty funny gameplay:

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :) (I AM ALMOST AT 100 SUBS


Thanks a lot for the video! :) 

I loved this game, I played the haunted ps1 demo a while back and thought it was adorable and then this played this version and it blew me away. I'm so impressed, I can't wait for more and also...I love the music. Here's also a quick video I did on it!

Thanks a lot. Really appreciate the kind words, and glad you enjoyed it! :) 

Honestly I was highly impressed this game was super fun and intuitive.  I can't wait for EPISODE 2! I love RAMEN

You danced to the opening? Yeah, man! <3 Super glad you enjoyed it this much! :D Thanks for the video.

This has to be nominated for one of the best indie games of 2020. The voice acting is on point, high quality visuals, really good gameplay, and great story to boot. I highly recommend this one to everyone, especially if you're a DBZ or anime fan!

Hahaha thank you so much! <3 Especially for the "really good gameplay" :D

Absolutely loving it, I need to find the right time to play it cause things that chase me scare me a lot, despite them being cute food! You absolutely nailed that psx-tron bonny like aesthetics and feeling and crafted everything together carefully! And it's about food! Love it!

Hahaha I totally get you. :D I am usually really bad with chasing things as well. Also jumpscares that make loud noises (there are non in here, so no worries). Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. :) 

Gonna assume that being caught by it won't be merely a 'teleport' in the future?


It wouldn't even have been a simple teleport in this version. But a "night before release" bug vetoed that. Needless to say, it was a pretty new one. :) Thanks for the video though. <3

I played the demo on HauntedPS1 Demo Disk, and really enjoyed the game. I'm so glad there's more to it. I thought it was really cool how you had the intro for the game with the characters. Also, I think it's really cool there's a story to the game. LOL. The short yellow dude reminded me of the short blue dude from Dragon Ball. Overall, I really enjoyed the game, and I'm looking forward to more episodes. Tips?... I think.... I guess... It'd be nice to have some note or writing in like the top right corner or something like that to see your objective. I found myself trying to figure out what to do sometimes. It'd just be nice to have the current objective displayed somewhere.  Also, I don't know what the fish were about. LOL. Probably my last thing, but for me personally I'd like the game to be a liitle harder per say or have a little more tension. Basically, I think I'd enjoy it more if it was a little more challenging, since I beat it with such ease. But yeah. This was a really good game, and I'm glad to know there's more coming. Keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot! :) I admit, there might be a few dragon ball influences. ;)
I do get your points (especially the last one), but for now there a good reasons to not change any of this. However, this does not mean I am not going to incorporate any of those ideas in future episodes so thanks. :) 

Sorry for such a alte resposne. I hope you are doing well, and that the game is coming along smoothly. We are all excited for episode 2. We will wait no matter how long it takes. I undertsand it's not always as easy as it seems and you run into issues, so please do take your time. It's nice to know you are actually paying attention to reviews and taking in ideas mentioned from others. Thank you for also taking my recommendations into consideration as well. Your game has such potential. I believe you'll get a lot of recognition. I also believe you could catch the eyes of famous YouTubers with your work.  I wish you the best of luck! Have a great day! :)

Hey no worries. :) As you can clearly see, I haven't been able to answer comments in quite a while. I currently have a few projects going on. One being obviously tasty ramen episode 2, and the others are small side things that came along and hopefully make sure I have a bit of a budget for episode 2. 

Let me just get this out though: Wow, I honestly have no idea what to say. :D This has to be some of the kindest and nicest words I have heard ever. Thank you very, very much :) I always try to listen to what people say about my games. Especially if it is makes a lot of sense to me! :D I also hope you are right, I honestly wouldn't complain about any of it. :) Thanks again and have a great day too. 

One way to catch an audience is to make good content, but a really good way to keep your audience is to be involved and listen to them. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You made a good game with a lot of potential, and you are being active with you audience, reading what they have to say, taking advice and tips into consideration, and replying. Much love AND respect to you from me. 

I would also like to say, I am very glad my previous words to you moved you in such a good way. You are very much welcome. Remember to not push yourself too hard. Take your time. I would like to wish you luck on your other projects. It says there is an update for Tasty Ramen. Is there any way I can see what has been updated? Also, do you have anything I could make a donation through to help you out? I really like the game and support you. I should be getting money/start making money soon, so I'd like to help you out and donate even if it's just a little amount of money.   

Hey there, thanks again! :) It really means a lot to me. Thank you ver ymuch but to be honest, I was slacking a bit with the communication as of lately. I had a lot of other work to do, but I try to change that from now on. I always like to read from people and listen to them, when they talk about my game. I am just super interested to hear what they have to say. 

The last update was merely a few bug fixes, so nothing major. Usually I try to announce the changes in the devlog section of this page.
Thank you very, very much for your wish to donate. :D The best way is always to spread the word. <3 But of course, a tiny bit of money is always welcome and helpful. You could either become a supporter on patreon, or you can directly donate a bit of money via the download button on this page. :)

Thanks again for your kind words. <3

Made a video


Thanks a lot! :D

I had the pleasure of reviewing your new Beta! I LOVE RAMEN NOODLES

Thanks a lot!  :) 

No problem at all. Thanks for making games.

I LOVE your game. The first demo was fun but this one blows it out of the water! Tasty Ramen is my favorite antagonist monster. WAY BETTER THAN SIREN HEAD!


Hahaha, thank you very very much. :D Don't tell modus though! ;)

Liked it a lot, only complaint was there was no way to adjust the audio, or open any pause menu, for that matter.

Thanks. :) Pause menu is one of the things still to come. 

Merci d'avoir créé une si belle expérience d'horreur. Marcher à travers la maison chaque jour a provoqué un si grand sentiment d'effroi et de peur et cela m'a fait deviner chaque étape du chemin!

Je vous remercie! <3 Mauvais jeu cependant. X)

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