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Amazing game! I'm looking forward to the sequels!

Fantastic game! Can't wait for episode 2! We made a video about it on my channel!

This is one of my favourite games, thank you sooo much for making it and I wish you all the best in making part 2, i honestly can't even wait for it...

Amazing game. I liked all the elements present in this game, the visuals, the music, the anime style opening, everything! I can't wait for the full version to be published. Congratulations on your work!


Amazing game!! 10/10! I just really hope episode 2 comes out soon.


still waiting for episode 2!! 

I have speedrun this game so many times now. Can't wait to see what happens in episode. Wonder what it will be about. Will it take place in the same store?

classic and my favorite waiting to part 2

I think about this game almost everyday easily one of my favorites on itch <3


almost a year.....


When the heck is episode 2 coming out?!?!!?

IIRC Macbat took like 2 years to get made by Siactro, so let them take their time

I LOVE RAMEN. I LOVE PS1 SPOOPS. I LOVE THIS GAME. Through sheer dumb luck I pulled another of your games for a review as well, and I am SO looking forward to more of this! You are awesome!

Haha, thank you very much! :D I glad you accidentally found it and enjoyed it.

does anyone know how i can fix missing texturs? im on windows 7


Get windows 1


or 2

get windows 10

get linux like a good person

I cant believe i legit got scared by this game

Hiiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it with you :), hopefully it's useful to you :D

-The main concept is pretty funny and interesting.

-The gameplay mechanics are very well polished and work pretty well as they give a solid gameplay experience.

-The opening was really really funny and got me very off guard, if you plan on expanding the game and adding that kind of things it would pretty amazing.

-DUDE THIS GAME IS 'Taaaasty' hahaha :D

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


I was kind of confused there wasnt any instructions, not sure what I was meant to do

posted ( Gameplay + No Talking) on my channel if you want to see it. :)

The camera keeps moving up automatically when I plug in a controller

might be a deadzone issue.

does it have any jumpscares i hate those and yeah x3

Great game, great art style, i need more, this is fantastic!

Yeah this game is awesome, I had a lotta fun playing it! I hope I see the full game or at least the next episode soon!!

(strong language)

this video has all itch io games i made video on in 2020 including this one. I also wanna say thanks for the game and good luck for future projects. #hellofajourney 

my discord:

No Commentary :) 

This game is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I really enjoyed it!

This game had me laughing the entire time! lol
Cant wait for more! Thanks for such an awesome project!

Can wait for episode 2! Its a great game btw! 

is there any way to save your progress?

I loved this game! It is so adorable and also makes me yelp. I can't wait for chapter 2!

Thank you very much! :D

dude this game needs to get a full release

Thanks. :) Chapter 2 is in the works! :D

I wasn't too sold on the demo but this first episode was pretty fantastic.


Glad it convinced you. :) 

Hey there, I am sloowwwly making my way through the Haunted PS1 Demo disc and your game was the third one I played.
And. I. Love. It!
I will absolutely for sure have to play more from your newer versions and thank you so much for making it!

Ah, thank you very much! :D Really happy you liked it, and appreciate the kind words. :)
Also I should have checked here first, before I wrote the tweet haha. 


This game got played by a youtuber with around 2,8 million subscribers.

Hey thanks for the heads-up :) I saw it already and was super happy about it. 

i love it !

When's part 2? Or the finished ep 1? I'm not rushing you but I'm just excited to see what's gonna happen next

Honestly, feel free to rush me. :) I am starting to pick up the pace myself now, because I feel really bad for yet again staying way to silent and making too little progress. The thing is, I had to finish a few other projects on the side, in order to get a bit of a budget to actually make episode 2. This took way more time than I hoped it would. Also I got stuck on a few design desicition, especially concerning episode 2's new place. Episode 1 is still not finished because I need a few new voice lines for it, and quite frankly I want to include them in the first recording session for episode 2, so I don't have to do more recording sessions than needed. Also I need to finish the looks of episode 2's new place in order to tease it proberly in episode 1 :) You could say, I kinda suck at organizing this whole thing a bit. Though in my defense, it is my first jam game that I actually expand upon as well as my first actual episodic title and my first game with propper voice acting. I absolutely need to post more updates though!

this game is SOOOOOO good

It's The Best game ever!!

Thank you very much! <3 Somehow I figured you would like it, hah! ;D

tried it on my windows vm! i liked it, but are you gonna make a mac version?

At least that is my plan. :) Just need to find a mac computer to test it on.

if you want i could test it

SKIP TO 17:04!!!

best  scary cute game ever

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