First Update!

Hey all, just a quick headsup about the first update: 

  • Included a window mode that can be toggled by pressing T. This should make it way easier to record or stream the game. Or you know... just play it in window mode...
  • The Ice Platforms have darker sides to them now, so they are easier to see
  • The A Ranks for "Neo Osaka" and "Slidey Ice" are easier to get now. 

Thank you all for the amazing feedback and response so far. <3

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Mar 22, 2021

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I've seen people use it so...

I love the game it just won't let me use macbat for some reason(this problem is on my switch)

That is a bug that came with the newest update.  A fix for this is already send in, but we have to wait for nintendo to approve it :(