Episode 2 is in production now.

A quick heads up to you all:

Episode 2 is in production now, alongside the upcomming 

updates for episode 1. 

This seemed to be the best way forward for the game. I will avoid many problems, if I work on the final episode 1 polish alongside episode 2s early production stages. Especially some of the narration problems should get fixed this way. 

I can't give you any precise deadlines just yet, but hopefully this also speeds up development a tiny bit. 



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Cute and cool game, can't wait for ep 2. Mr. ramen is my fav even tho he tried to kill me


almost a year but i think gonna be awesome 

keep up the great work loved episode one!

Thank you very much! I do my best :) 

yay i get to scare more ppl with part 2

Great. Looking forward to it.

Those are great news! Keep up the amazing work :3

Nice! Keep on!

Looking forward to that Linux version of episode 1! :) Is it coming in the next update or after that? BTW it's hard to read the white text on light-pink background on this page, perhaps the text could be black?